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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Suspend Project causes premature(?) completion (Message 55364)
Posted 28 Aug 2008 by gely
I am running BOINC v5.10.45. The only project I am working is rosetta@home. I am using 2 processors to work 2 WUs simultaneously.

Occasionally, I need to suspend the project. Typically, I will do this via the Suspend button on the Projects tab.

I have noticed that if either task progress is greater than 50%, upon resuming the project that task progress will jump to 100% and the task will “complete”. This will happen to both tasks if both have progressed beyond 50%. (50% is an approximate value, derived anecdotally.)

This behavior also occurs (for individual tasks) when suspending and resuming from the Tasks tab.

The “Results” information for My Computers on the Rosetta web site indicates success on these tasks, but I am wondering…

Is this “partial job” completion of any benefit?
Do I have a configuration problem?

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