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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : rosetta_beta_5.93_windows_intelx86.exe (Message 50912)
Posted 23 Jan 2008 by Billy E. Karlinsey
I not sure what going on with my BOINC Manager as I thought it controls the work being done. I have my computer so loaded up what I have been doing is exit the program and so not to have the CPU lock at 100% and and projects I am work does not grin to a halt. But as of late when checking my Windows Task Manager shows that rosetta_beta_5.93_windows_intelx86.exe is running taking up most of the CPU resources and when I use end process to kill the .exe file a few minutes later rosetta_beta_5.93_windows_intelx86.exe is back running again. Could use some feed back on this subject.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Your computers (Message 40302)
Posted 4 May 2007 by Billy E. Karlinsey
Thanks for the information. It all a academic now as some how my laptop has a serious problem and it look like I wll be reistalling the OP as I cannot get any .exe or .com file to run which is required to do a roll back or run the regedit.

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