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Posted 28 Sep 2008 by Semunozg
hombench_mtyka_foldcst_boinc_test3_foldcst_simple_t328___4598_485 on a machine that has 3 hour wu times ran for well over 7 hours. For a normal 3 hour wu it claims and gets 50-60 credit, this wu claimed 148 and was granted 20. There is something wrong here.

Windows XP SP3, Intel Q6600, CC 5.10.30, MR 1.34.

Task ID 195085827
Name hombench_mtyka_foldcst_boinc_test3_foldcst_simple_t328___4598_485_0
Workunit 178217022
Created 27 Sep 2008 9:01:52 UTC
Sent 27 Sep 2008 9:01:59 UTC
Received 27 Sep 2008 19:27:07 UTC
Server state Over
Outcome Success
Client state Done
Exit status 0 (0x0)
Computer ID 708637
Report deadline 7 Oct 2008 9:01:59 UTC
CPU time 26326.86
stderr out <core_client_version>5.10.30</core_client_version>
DONE :: 1 starting structures 26326.4 cpu seconds
This process generated 2 decoys from 2 attempts

BOINC :: Watchdog shutting down...
BOINC :: BOINC support services shutting down...
called boinc_finish


Validate state Valid
Claimed credit 148.027127998142
Granted credit 20.8630305375669
application version 1.34

I really don't want to drop Rosetta from my portfolio, I have been here from the start, but recently there have been a near continual series of issues with the production quality project which a good deal of the Beta and some of the Alphas do not have. This, in spite of a dedicated Beta test project. Not good enough?

Same here, a bunch of workunits that ran way over my set limit claimed 1xx+ crdits, and received 90 or less.
I dont mind having to crunch longer a WU, but getting credit when its due would be nice. Im not going to drop the project though becuase of this... but it would be nice if they fixed this or at least kept the public informed about current problems... challenges... etc. A little more participation.

For example, SETI@Home has excellent forums and the team is constantly making updates about diverese news. From either server issues, to Tflops goals. Rosetta@Home team didnt even acknoledge the server down that ocurred a few night ago (A forum Mod said it was a kernel panic, but this was posted in the forums... and very few people actually read the forums).

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