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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Rosetta always working and eating CPU resources (Message 32270)
Posted 8 Dec 2006 by HarpuaFSB
You only need to set the Global preferences at one place since all other projects take on the last set proferences.

When you ran the old seti@home program you will have elected to run as a screensaver only.

Here when you install you do the same, just tell it not to run at startup.

But there is now another option and you don't need to run it as a screensaver, set the preferences to
Do work while computer is not in use = no
Do work only after idle for xxx mins (default 3mins)

But in your current setup as in the old style seti@home program and many other distibuted computing programs, it sits running all the time but in 'idle' priority, so If one program is using 40% of the CPU poser, say watching a DVD, it will use the other 60%up
if something uses all the processor power it it will get none.

Ah, I get it now...thanks for the reply.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Rosetta always working and eating CPU resources (Message 32217)
Posted 7 Dec 2006 by HarpuaFSB
Hi, I recently installed BOINC on a new computer here at work and am running Rosetta. On my older machine, I run SETI@home and it only runs when the screen saver starts after five minutes of inactivity.

Rosetta is always running on this new machine and looking at the Task Manager, it's using 100% of my computer's resources all the time.

Two instances of the exe are running at 50% a piece.

I checked the preferences on this website and there doesn't seem to be any preference to keep Rosetta inactive until the screen saver starts, which is the behavior that my SETI@home computer seems to be running.

Am I missing something here?

Note: I cross referenced the preferences for both projects and they seem to be set the same.


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