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Posted 22 Jan 2021 by dincon
I've got a sebv2 task that has come to a near standstill since reaching 99.55% about 20 hours ago. It is now at 99.603%, elapsed time of 1d 21:49:00 and has progressed 0.003% in 45 minutes but has not progressed for the last 15 minutes. The time remaining keeps recalculating to 00:10:55 +- 01 second, adjusting between 00:10:54 and 00:10:57 for hours. I've seen it work down to --:--:-- then, eventually, recalculating to 00:10:55. The deadline is in about 5 hours so I'm just going to let it run and see what happens. Oops!! Just made 0.001% progress after 20 minutes!

All the other Rosetta task running are not sebv2 and are making consistent progress.

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