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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Anyone else getting computation errors? (Message 49656)
Posted 12 Dec 2007 by darkstar
Is this normal? Since Dec 6th I've had 11 computation errors and only 8 successes!
In my Tasks page it says client error for all of them.
The last time it happened (an hour ago) I explicitly suspended all my tasks in BOINC Manager by going to Activities | Suspend, since I needed all my CPU power for something. And Rosetta immediately gave me a computation error!
I'm using Ubuntu 7.04 and the latest version of BOINC (5.10.21).

If it's normal it's pretty lame: I hate wasting all that time for something that's just going to fail.
If it's not normal that's equally lame!

I'm becoming convinced there's a problem with suspending/resuming Rosetta@Home projects.

I'm thinking I should find a different medical project to balance seti@home.

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