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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Report problems with Rosetta version 5.32 (Message 29614)
Posted 19 Oct 2006 by Elgyn
I've recieved two errors from Rosetta@home, both of which resulted in the rosetta exe crashing. I've reported both of them to the microsoft crash analysis if that's of an use to you:

2006-10-17 06:55:32 [rosetta@home] Unrecoverable error for result 1dtj__BOINC_NEWRELAXFLAGS_ABRELAX_SAVE_ALL_OUT__1275_8344_0 (One or more arguments are invalid (0x80000003) - exit code -2147483645 (0x80000003))

2006-10-18 10:22:08 [rosetta@home] Unrecoverable error for result 1dcj__BOINC_OLDRELAXFLAGS_ABRELAX_SAVE_ALL_OUT__1278_12985_0 ( - exit code -1073741819 (0xc0000005))

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