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Posted 6 Nov 2010 by grumpycraig
10. A project run by a guy named "Baker" - how could we go wrong?
9. When I've had a total lack of success at work, at least I can say "I" worked on the Rosetta project.
8. I hate throwing things away, so having my old computers BOINC Rosetta gives me a reason for keeping them 'til they croak.
7. My grandmother died from (with?) Alzheimer's
6. My father-in-law died from cancer
5. While I'm not sure what I will do with them, I just love seeing those credits pile up.
4. Skin cancer runs in my family - I know it's headed my way no matter how much I stay out of the sun.
3. I'm getting all-sorts of obsessive with my statistics
2. ALS scares the daylights out of me
1. Did I mention I obsessing over my statistics?

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