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Posted 31 May 2008 by Profile nutcase
Introducing Team Starfire World Boinc!

Who are we? We are a newly formed international team of some really long standing distributed computing participants and those new to DC as well.

We have quite a few members that overclock and very open forums moderated by people who want everyone to feel comfortable. You'll find us to be a very friendly lot.

We have an growing IRC server at dedicated to BOINC and it's various projects, with the main channel being #team_starfire and more to come.

Team Starfire World BOINC has teams for most BOINC projects and communicating about all BOINC related things is a part of our forums.

Help pages, team stat pages etc. A fine forum for all BOINC projects.

Drop in say hello and hang out whether you join us or not. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

our web site

We also have one the most comprehensive and up to date stats sites: stats and stones

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