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1) Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : Screen Saver for Linux (Message 52837)
Posted 2 May 2008 by Profile Hawk
Try this thread.

Or use the site search (try "Linux" and "Screensaver" or "graphics").

The short answer appears to be "Youll have to wait until we find time to write some Linux graphics code. Though I would have thought that with a Mac OS X program already done, the adaptation to Linux would be a relatively minor task.

Still waiting for the screensaver on my Ubuntu Edgy Eft
please...I want to look at m folding!


Wow! Going on 2 years now and something as basic as a screensaver is still not included. I bet if one were included, it would attract a lot more people to the project. That whole pesky honey/vinegar proverb and all. Especially with people dumping Windozes for Ubuntu as they are, someone should consider upping the priority of it.

Personally, I find it bothersome that Mickysoft gets to have all the eye candy from the project while the rest of us gets the middle finger. So sad really. :<

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