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Message 58761 - Posted: 12 Jan 2009, 16:38:48 UTC

Joined BOINC - seti.germany a few days ago and set up a user account here at R@H but when I search the site, I can only access the information on somebody else with the same name as mine. Yet I am not listed (there should be a choice of 2 accounts, mine and the other person with same name). I can\'t see my details on the team and I am also prevented from opening a user profile despite now having enough credits. I have changed my name to check (login remains the same) on my userpage but I still can\'t find my details in a search, so, for the moment have reverted to my original name which already exists, and within the same team. My credit total is increasing nicely, no problem there, but I would like to see \'me\' somewhere on this site in relation to my team. I need help! :(
Originally from Bielefeld, Northrhein Westphalia, Germany, but now living and working near Manchester, England. I am happy to be involved in this project.
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Message 58762 - Posted: 12 Jan 2009, 17:33:57 UTC

User accounts are actually handled via the indentifying user number, not the name (hence the allowed duplicate names). If you mouse over your name shown on the left, you will see the user ID in the link details shown in the browser status line. You can click on that link any time to see your profile and credit information.

When I review the list of active SETI.Germany participants and go down the list to where a RAC of 8 would be expected to appaer, there you are. Your rank will change over time, but for today, this link should get you there.

And so I take it you are referring to the \"User Profile Explorer\"? I\'ve never been able to find anything with it either. But if you click the letter \"S\", there are 58 pages of users, and I know you\'ll be found there somewhere (I\'ve never been able to decern any order to that list either). Hopefully the Berkeley folks will improve the search functions of the BOINC server code.
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