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Message 46321 - Posted: 16 Sep 2007, 2:54:27 UTC
Last modified: 16 Sep 2007, 3:02:57 UTC

Hi there.
Just an info before. My english isn't the best :D

Well, here's my problem. BOINC is running at least 6 or more hours per day. Once a day I check out my Profile at the ESL and it shows me an even worse score than yesterday. What the **** is going on ? I mean, ok, I'm a user of BOINC because I want to help. But also I use it, to have a good score. My Clan-Admin uses ISDN (Pretty worse Internet) and his Computer isn't much better than mine. I use 16k DSL and my score goes down day per day. Last week I left my computer on, 24 hours a day and now I lost another 100 points ?!?!?! My Clan-Admin began to use it and after only 2 weeks he got +3000 or more !!! I mean, what's going on ? There must be something wrong. When I started using BOINC I made good scores but since I had to reinstall Windows it just sucks. I'll be pretty happy if someone can help me.

ESL Profile Link:
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Message 46349 - Posted: 16 Sep 2007, 12:24:50 UTC - in response to Message 46321.  

Every Work Unit you process is helpful. Of course, the credit is a nice recognition of this.

When you say "score", do you mean RAC? This is an average credit, and will change slowly, not quickly, over time.
If you mean your ranking in your team/world, this may change depending on how long you run your computer & its processing power, vs the rest of team/world.
For example, a lot of people are getting quad-cores now; it's hard to keep up with 3000 credit per day, vs maybe 200-500 for relatively recent single-cores. Your CPU looks like a PentiumM, should do ok, but against duals, remember it's only going to get half of what they do...

Internet bandwidth shouldn't be a factor in score; I can only think that your friend got a high "daily" score by returning a lot of WU in one batch, whereas yours are coming in over time. If you compare RAC, they should be similar if they're both on the same amount of time and have the same processing power.

If you look here:

your credit was going OK, there's a flat bit, then it goes up. I think Rosetta recently had problems, that's probably the flat bit; their fault, not yours.

If you run multiple projects (say CPDN, Einstein etc) as well, it means you still earn credit even if one project has some temporary problems.

Hope this helps,
Crunching Rosetta as a member of the Whirlpool BOINC Teams
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Message 46361 - Posted: 16 Sep 2007, 13:59:56 UTC - in response to Message 46349.  

Yes sorry, I meant the ranking. Well, I'm just wondering because first time I used BOINC my ranking became better and better. After my new installation of Windows it just sucks. Also my Clan-Admin has reeeeal slow internet and he hasn't got an core 2 duo processor yet either. I was just wondering because he mad after only 1 week about 3000 ranking points. And I let my PC on day and night and my ranking goes down ? Ok ... I'll see if it gets better again. If not ... fine.
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Message 46391 - Posted: 16 Sep 2007, 21:50:26 UTC

If you are looking at ranking, then you must consider which ranking. Either by total credits or by the rate at which you are earning credits (RAC). Either way, when you first join, you start at the bottom with nothing. As you do work you earn more credits. Eventually, you start to advance in rank.

If you are measuring by RAC, then you probably very quickly pass people that have stopped crunching, their RAC would be zero, or if they only recently stopped, then it would be declining to zero.

If you are measuring credits, you probably very quickly pass people that worked on a few tasks and then lost interest.

It sounds to me like you have now made up high enough in the ranking to where you are surrounded by people that are crunching about as much as you are. They will be much harder to pass then someone that has stopped altogether.

Good luck on your way to the top!
Rosetta Moderator: Mod.Sense
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Questions and Answers : Windows : Helping for nothing ... ???

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