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Message 38145 - Posted: 22 Mar 2007, 23:18:29 UTC

Since Rosetta Ver. 5.54 settledown after a day or two, I have noticed the "Recent Average Credit" is decreasing. The overall credit is increasing & the new Graphic's are great. I have no errors in processes and Credits have dropped steadily as processes are run. Anyone one else seeing the same updating problem.

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Message 38149 - Posted: 23 Mar 2007, 0:05:28 UTC

With 2 gigs of ram, you're not running into the problem of not enough ram to run two copies of Rosetta's larger WUs, and you had 171,000 seconds of work turned in on the 22nd, so both cpus are running full time (it should average out to around 160,800 seconds a day over the course of a week when 2 cores are in use.)

The cpu mix on the large jobs is different from the cpu mix on the smaller jobs and is causing the average to be a little lower than you're used to.
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Keith Akins

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Message 38151 - Posted: 23 Mar 2007, 0:12:15 UTC

I've noticed a drop from about 240 to 222 over the past five days. Im running a single core 2.8GhZ P4 with one gig of ram.
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Message 38159 - Posted: 23 Mar 2007, 4:21:26 UTC

The machine has 2GB, but it doesn't tell you how much BOINC is allowed to use. Even if just 50%, that should still be plenty in this case.

The credit reporting sites periodically poll the projects to check your credit. It's possible for them to poll for a week just after you report your day's work, and then perhaps your machine's patterns change and they end up polling just BEFORE you report a day's work (or an hour or however frequently your machine is set up to report). So you can end up with some rounding issues on which day work was done from one week to the next.

Also, with Rosetta, credit is based on work completed as compared to others that have completed similar work. Such a system isn't perfect, and is unable to fully reflect variances that exist from one model to the next for a given work unit. Indeed, you will note that your machine pretty consistently claims 50-56 credits per task, and the credit granted is a significantly broader range, 55-75, one even had 83.75 granted for the same 56 credits claimed. This is a reflection of how difficult other machines found that type of work unit to complete. It could also reflect the luck of the draw. And that the models you were randomly assigned to crunch did not require as extensive a search as those that others were assigned.
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