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Message 37310 - Posted: 1 Mar 2007, 20:34:48 UTC

For some reason i cannot get BOINC to stop running (except for pause). I have version 5.8.15. I'm talking about the global setting for waiting until the computer is idle. It won't let me change it from 0(always run). any time i do and click save, it doesn't save that change (when i click preferences, it goes back to 0). Ive checked in the XML files, it says that it is changed to be idle for 3 min. but rosetta or seti always seem to be running in the background. I was under the impression that it wouldn't run unless no kb or mouse for x ammount of time, but perhaps i am wrong?
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Message 37446 - Posted: 5 Mar 2007, 2:24:52 UTC

When suspended to memory, the task still shows up in the task manager. This may be what you are seeing.

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Message 37551 - Posted: 6 Mar 2007, 20:18:42 UTC

The settings are configured via the BOINC servers, so if you directly change an .XML file on your PC, the change is generally temporary and will be reset the next time you update to the server.

Click the "Participants" link at the top of this message board page. Then click the "view or edit" General Preferences. Here you can set up whether you you want BOINC to run when computer is in use, the number of minutes of idle time before BOINC kicks in, etc. Once you change these value and save your changes on the website, then open your BOINC manager and update to the project to bring the changes down to your PC.

Then, in your BOINC client, be sure to select "run based on preferences". This is in the activity pulldown menu in the advanced view. Or, if you like, you can set this to "suspend", or "run always" to temporarily override your configured preference.

If you set your preferences in this way, then yes, you can configure BOINC so it only runs when the computer is not in use.
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Questions and Answers : Windows : BOINC always runs

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