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Message 30076 - Posted: 26 Oct 2006, 23:23:06 UTC

is possible to connect my account on Rosetta to another BOINC account?

Rosetta: 40fb3204abe66b25b8c26b4f9fe8036e
Boinc: e9f409c73deaa763521c5460f89f91d8


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Profile Christoph Jansen

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Message 30089 - Posted: 27 Oct 2006, 8:23:04 UTC

Hi Namrmic,

I guess what you mean is to "merge" the two accounts, that is to make one account of the two under the same name? There is no feature like that and probably will never be.

[The reason is (if I recall it correctly) that in the early days of Seti you just needed to find out the mail-address of a person taking part in Seti and could steal their number of Work Units by merging the two accounts. All you had to do then was to install Seti@home, enter the mail address and then use the created user.sah file to get the information you needed to merge the accounts. After that the "victim" had no further access to the account, as it now had the address and password of the thief, who could only be found by people at Berkeley with database access. So they decided to disable that feature and it has not been introduced again with BOINC.]


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Daniel B.

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Message 38845 - Posted: 2 Apr 2007, 13:51:56 UTC - in response to Message 30089.  

Thanks for the reply to Namric's question, Christoph.

I've got a similar, though hopefully work-around-able question: Is there a mechanism in place to allow me to merge my work computer's account with my home computer's account only on Rosetta? I have been running SETI@home for many years, and added Rosetta a while ago, at which time I set up two different accounts with BOINC for home and work (just because I placed higher priority on getting started with the work units over remembering / looking up at work the next day my account name & password). Now that I'm running other projects as well (Einstein, Proteins, Malaria) I find it quite enjoyable to watch the progress in work done via the statistics panel, however Rosetta is seperated into two discrete accounts (none of the other projects are) and that makes it difficult for me to guage if it's getting adequate attention from my computer with just a glance.

I'm willing to allow one of the two accounts to let their work units drift off 'uncredited' since I'm not in any of this to gain acclaim, however certainly I'd prefer to see all the work done concatenated in my stats just to be mindful of how much CPU time I'm putting into these valuable distributed-computing projects.

Thanks to any who have a suggestion / direction for me to pursue.


- Dan (Colin's Freakin' Dad)
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Message 38863 - Posted: 2 Apr 2007, 19:12:30 UTC

Daniel, you could mark Rosetta for no new work in the Projects tab, complete the work you have, report the results, then detach from the project. Then attach again, and set it up with your "existing account" (the one you wish to use instead). From then on, work on both machines will be reflected in the same user account. The credits on the other account will remain, but cannot be moved.
Rosetta Moderator: Mod.Sense
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