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Message 15352 - Posted: 2 May 2006, 22:33:23 UTC
Last modified: 2 May 2006, 22:34:28 UTC

I keep getting intermitent problems with BOINC and ONLY Rosetta with Zone Alarm and Win XP sys falures/lock-ups. i've narrowed the problem down to this- when the screen saver switches on and a new setup for rosetta is in the works zone alarm throws a block that sends the whole system into a lock for some reason. if boinc/rosetta could get with zone alarm and show them that this doesnt qualify as malware and should be written in their software, it would bypass this problem for anyone who runs ZA. I have the Pro version but many run the free version, which is amoung the best firewalls out there. I also run Seti and Climate and it never hangs when they run, only rosetta for some reason.
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Message 15384 - Posted: 3 May 2006, 2:09:45 UTC

I have ZoneAlarm (the free version). Perhaps I can help you get it set up properly. I'm not clear what you meant when you said "...and a new 'setup' for Rosetta is in the works". Do you mean that it has just completed one work unit and is beginning another? Or... is it reporting one? Or downloading one? ZA should not "throw a block" that would "send the whole system into a lock". Do you mean "locks down internet access"? Or "makes your PC unresponsive at all"?

That event would not normally trigger an internet connection... I suppose it depends on how much work you keep around. Since all of the clients run through BOINC for their network access, Rosetta is the same as SETI in terms of firewall based on the client application running, and ports used. The firewall is to prevent others from coming in to your computer, not you from getting out, but ZA also controls which applications can use TCP at all.

Each time I load a new version of BOINC, I have to "Allow" both the BOINC Manager and the client to do their thing. That includes being a "server" (it's just a server within your localhost, not on the internet). And if you click the box that says something like remember this choice when you allow, then you should be "good to go" for the rest of that BOINC version.
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Message 15390 - Posted: 3 May 2006, 5:06:24 UTC

I have ZoneAlarm Security Suite and WinXP Home and I'm not having a problem with Rosetta or any other project conflicting with it. I'm actively running Rosetta & Seti Beta & 5.4.7 BOINC. I've also got an optimised Seti, Predictor & QMC but haven't processed any work from them for a while.

Can anyone look into Mike's settings & see if it's a preference based glitch or something?

Come to think of it, isn't there a problem with firewalls & the screen saver of some projects/BOINC that a fix is being worked on? Maybe for 5.4.8? I don't use the BOINC screensaver, mine is set to (None) & I shut the monitor off after a certain time.
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