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Stuart Pitts

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Message 1592 - Posted: 22 Oct 2005, 0:22:32 UTC

I agree that it is important to add more people to this and other projects. I had posted some ideas before and I am reposting them again to see what people think.

"Concerning attacting new people to your project, I would recommend the following:

a) Check with your local news stations/newspaper to see if they feature a website of the week. If they do, ask them to feature your website.
b) check with the alumni magazines for the both the University that you are at and the ones that you and your team graduated from. They may be interested in an article about what their alumni are doing and will feature your website.
c) I am assuming that you have contacted all of the companies and schools running your software in their research programs to make sure that they know about your website. Hopefully they would provide some after hours cpu's to help.
d) If there are any science fairs that you and your team help with, I would recommend that you ask if you can either have a booth for your website or have your website listed on any publicity papers.
e) Longer term, I recommend that you and the other project directors contact National Geograhic to see if they would do a feature story on distributed computing. A bunch of publicity about BOINC would help your project.
f) I believe that Newsweek had an article about Seti@home two-three years ago. Maybe you can check to see who was the contact and see if they would do an article about BOINC.
g) Finally, I recommend that you add to your website home page a section on help publicize Rosetta@home. You could list all of the ideas that you receive and ask people to either provide more ideas or to contact say their local news stations about your site being site of the week or whatever they feel would help."

Good Luck!!!
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Profile Paul D. Buck

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Message 1600 - Posted: 22 Oct 2005, 5:58:48 UTC - in response to Message 1591.  

One more thing. I tried to sell this DC concept to my daughter. If she is typical she is concerned that DC may corrupt her precious machine, that trouble makers abound out there just waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting PC owner. This feeling may or may not be justified, but it should be addressed for those who are wary.

As long as you stick to projects that you trust, there should be little problem with something taking over the computer.

The BOINC developers have been pretty proactive in plugging holes when they are found. For selection of projects you can ask around and most of the "old BOINCers" will be able to suggest projects to join or not (Shoft comes immediately to my mind as a NO).

Since we "leak" from so many other holes ... well ... the risk to my mind is pretty low ...
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