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Message 13353 - Posted: 9 Apr 2006, 19:51:36 UTC
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I've been using BOINC and rosetta for a few weeks now; both to use my PC's power when it's idle; and to check my PC's stable.

The problem with this though is that BOINC isn't 100% stable (as we've found this weekend) - so errors might be because of the work that's sent; or because of the PC.

I think it would really help new users to have a default test account; or a download that would allow BOINC to analyse a default set of stable proteins cyclically.

If these generate errors
a. The PC user would know it's a problem with his PC and not Boinc itself. This seems to be a recurrent theme on this fora; and this would be a way for users to know where the problem lies.
b. People liky myself with PC's on the edges of stability and needing fine tuning wouldn't be sending results with computation errors back to yourselves; which wastes your time.
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Questions and Answers : Wish list : Getting a stable benchmarktest

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