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Joined: 17 Nov 18
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Message 89942 - Posted: 30 Nov 2018, 8:42:01 UTC

My computer work at some projects on your site,but I have in my account no points.Total credit:0.When I receive the credit,because I need for mining on Biblepay site?
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Message 89953 - Posted: 3 Dec 2018, 14:50:22 UTC

When you attached to the project, you must have used a different EMail address than you are using here to post on the website.
Rosetta Moderator: Mod.Sense
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Message 92995 - Posted: 1 Apr 2020, 23:23:40 UTC

I visited the Boincstats page and followed the steps to create an account in BAM! first: (only a few days ago: March 29)

and then my account was created, but at that moment, I could see that the CPID was not yet generated on the main account page.
However, I did not think that was a problem, so I immediately clicked on the "sign-up for projects" page, and joined the Rosetta@home project.

But at the moment I joined the Rosetta@home project, I think my CPID was not yet created on the BAM page.
Now, a day or two later, I see jobs running on my machine but I don't see any stats in, and I can't seem to control the compute preferences with the BAM! manager.

Why am I asking here? because I finally logged into this page, and found that my userid and weak authenticator are different on this site from the info shown on my account page on BAM! manager.
and the FAQs on the pages says I need to go to each project to make sure the CPIDs match.

I see that this is why my stats are not showing in BAM! or, and why my attempts to change preferences are not working. So my new question is:
1) How can I change the "userid" or "account keys" to match the "CPID" and "weak authenticator" on the BAM! page?

I click "edit" on the BAM page and it only lets me edit the email address, but not the CPID or weak authenticator.
I visited the profile page on this site also, and I cannot find a way to change that userid or the account keys.
What should I do to collect stats properly and make sure I can set preferences?

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