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Message 89531 - Posted: 11 Sep 2018, 17:57:25 UTC
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I have like 600+ GB free space left, I have set BOINC to use 99.9% of it, to leave 0.01GB free, clearly I have set it correctly yet, Rosetta@Home downloads sometime 20+ MB per WU, why? do you really need that much data? can't you leave the trunks from where other WUs will branch off to compute? why so much downloading? I have seen this behavior for months, and the names of them seem similar somewhat, so maybe you're not being as efficient as you could with the organization of what needs to be left as cache? Can you check this? I'd prefer to download the least possible, for efficiency and bandwidth sake. Also those databases get duplicated and they don't get modified at the seems, I have compared a couple by content with Total Commander and they're identical with the originals, if they're not goign to be modified why not use the compressed file only and extract the files that the project is going to use only directly to RAM?
Here is a view of the files and folders:

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