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Last updated 7 Jan 2012 5:42:34 UTC

ianhatten ("Crieff, in Scotland, hobbies include the PC, motorbike and my two cars.")
ike ("Started with SETI@home many years ago, hooked on DC. Crunched many projects, now leaning...")
Illyana ("I am from Virginia, living in Florida. I am married with a daughter.")
Islands in the Sun ("I live in the Cayman Islands which are located in the western Caribbean Sea south of Cuba...")
Islands in the Sun Too ("I was born in Florida in February 1957. My parents were both Caymanians of European...")
ironmaiden4u ("Hi, im Dan, I live in NJ, i like history a lot.")
IngridR. ("I am a mother of three and a grandmother of five. I live on [b]Ameland[/b], an island in...")
Ilse.derous ("26 going on 27")
ibabiy ("[url][/url]")
ICamaleonte ("il mio corpo si aggira sulla Terra, ma la testa la sto ancora cercando, probabilmente...")

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