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efren (" Mi nombre es Efren y analizo por y para que todos nosotros no nos encontremos con una...")
Ed and Harriet Griffith ("Harriet and I are both a very happily married couple who are now in our 60s. (Ed married an...") ("I participate in most of the BONIC projects - focusing on climate prediction - so I thought...")
ecpa ("My personal background is not interesting. Besides this I live in Germany, I like football...")
ecafkid ("Just another ordinary Guy that thinks Rosetta@home is cool. Always looking for new team...")
Eremita ("I\'m an ICU nurse. 36 years old. Happily married with 2 beutiful children. Interested in...")
Elizabeth Stone
Ed WIlson ("I live in Florida and am 49 years old. I enjoy D&D online games like everquest and...")
Elvi ("I think i filled one of these out for the SETI@Home page back in '01.")
Eric the half-a-bee ("Inquisitive type, always on the lookout for protein. Avid computer power user but still...")

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