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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Power-Down Checkpoint? (Message 50784)
Posted 17 Jan 2008 by Profile gomeyer
That\'s what I thought, but figured I\'d ask anyway. Thanks again.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Power-Down Checkpoint? (Message 50764)
Posted 17 Jan 2008 by Profile gomeyer
Does R@H checkpoint when BOINC is shut down? (Or if a machine is powered-down or rebooted?) Or is work done since the last checkpoint lost?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : What happened with the credits here? (Message 22403)
Posted 13 Aug 2006 by Profile gomeyer
I just want to say at the outset that I have the greatest respect for the goals of the ROSETTA Project.
. . .
A little difference is one thing, a lot of difference is an entirely different animal. ...

I and many others agree completely. Credits and the competition they create can be a valuable incentive to join a project. Conversely, unequal awarding of credit can be an disincentive. I\'m here *despite* the credits because, like you, I am excited by the work being done. But I\'m not giving Rosetta as much of a share as I will once this is corrected.

BTW, Rosetta is aware of the problem and is investigating a way to correct the situation. See This Thread
4) Message boards : Number crunching : New credit system now being tested at RALPH@home (Message 22224)
Posted 10 Aug 2006 by Profile gomeyer
Just a couple of general thoughts about a new credit system from someone new to R@H, if I may. My theme will be Equity.

Although no credit system is likely to make everyone happy achieving some level of Credit Equity within the Rosetta community would be very beneficial. Judging by some of the views expressed in this thread I’d say such an attempt is appropriate.

However the most important potential gain to be made by a new credit system would be with one that attempted to create better Cross-Project Equity.

BoincStats and similar sites make competition across projects inevitable. People are less likely to join any project that is not at least on a par with others and we all know how important more participation is here. Also, just a guess but I’m thinking some current Rosetta participants might consider increasing their share if points were awarded with something approaching equity. I for one would.

My point is that I hope that any new credit system would specifically address these two issues.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Merge Computers (Message 18469)
Posted 11 Jun 2006 by Profile gomeyer
Newbie, just connected one machine to Rosetta for the first time.
During the initial download received the following error:
\"2006-06-11 10:32:16 [] Scheduler request failed: Transferred a partial file\"
It retried after one minute then downloaded 10 Tasks no problem. However, when looking at My Computers I saw the same machine listed twice, each with 10 results, so I merged them.

Now I have one machine listed alright, but it shows 20 results when in fact I only have 10.

Probably not a problem except that 10 results will eventually time out and have to be resent. But, now I\'m a little gun-shy about joint 3 more machines as I had planned.

Any comments? Thanks!

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