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1) Questions and Answers : Wish list : Collaboration with Zone Alarm Fire Wall (Message 15352)
Posted 2 May 2006 by STModeler
I keep getting intermitent problems with BOINC and ONLY Rosetta with Zone Alarm and Win XP sys falures/lock-ups. i've narrowed the problem down to this- when the screen saver switches on and a new setup for rosetta is in the works zone alarm throws a block that sends the whole system into a lock for some reason. if boinc/rosetta could get with zone alarm and show them that this doesnt qualify as malware and should be written in their software, it would bypass this problem for anyone who runs ZA. I have the Pro version but many run the free version, which is amoung the best firewalls out there. I also run Seti and Climate and it never hangs when they run, only rosetta for some reason.

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