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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized Clients (Message 19960)
Posted 9 Jul 2006 by LP

Strictly speaking its cheating.

If you ask the top teams, 95% of the members will tell you it's not.
Most of them run optimized.

2) Message boards : Number crunching : Is this for real??? (Message 17612)
Posted 4 Jun 2006 by LP
Jose, even though we can't see the owners of anonymous computers, Bakerlab still knows their IP's and in that sense knows who they are and where they are running from.

6- Let's get even more radical: Should we even give credits?

If you take away the credits, you take away the fun of competition and a way to show achievment, and many people will quit running R@H and go to other projects.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Team FaDBeens, we taunt in your general direction :D (Message 17416)
Posted 31 May 2006 by LP
You're in the wrong forum. ;)
4) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Rosetta AP article! (Message 17352)
Posted 30 May 2006 by LP
Didn't Google stop sign ups on Google Compute, some time ago?
And that was for Folding@Home, not Rosetta.

"Thank you for your interest in Google Compute. The latest versions of the Google Toolbar do not support the Google Compute feature. If you would like to support the Folding@home project, please download the official Folding@home client."
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Just a heads up for you folks. (Message 17191)
Posted 26 May 2006 by LP
Yes, they know.
6) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : The race for the top team! (Message 17089)
Posted 25 May 2006 by LP
..or you could join the team that's going for the Gold.
XtremeSystems! :)
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Just a heads up for you folks. (Message 17087)
Posted 25 May 2006 by LP
Hey! No fair recruiting for the other team in this thread. Lol!

Shock and Awe.. I like that. :)
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Only one computer per wu? no checks? (Message 8447)
Posted 6 Jan 2006 by LP
WCG Boinc uses a quorum of 4.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : BIG credit problem! User has a zillion credits! (Message 7603)
Posted 25 Dec 2005 by LP
Or he could have "optimized". ;)
10) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : =>FaDBeens (Message 3688)
Posted 19 Nov 2005 by LP
hehehehehehe I am so totally twisted I even impress myself sometimes :)

hehehe.. our leader speaks :)
11) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : =>FaDBeens (Message 3540)
Posted 17 Nov 2005 by LP
I see on board vid there.
12) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : >< (Message 3534)
Posted 17 Nov 2005 by LP

Caught you!!! :)


runs away.. hehe :)
13) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : >< (Message 3531)
Posted 17 Nov 2005 by LP
You always want to look at total credit. Recent average will flucuate.

don't tell my evul teamies I'm fraternizin' with the emeny <-(code for "bad guys") :0
14) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : =>FaDBeens (Message 3525)
Posted 17 Nov 2005 by LP
hmmm.. much check out Mauisun.. ve von't gif up on vurl domonation so easily!

Might haf to add secret vepons. ;)
15) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : =>FaDBeens (Message 3480)
Posted 17 Nov 2005 by LP
yay!!! welcome LP it's good to have you with us!

someone to keep nec in line

Hi V V! :)

Does that mean I should get out my whip? ;)

Well I do like his goals~ (A) World domination (As Usual)
16) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Keep getting this message (Message 2355)
Posted 5 Nov 2005 by LP
When tryin to install rosetta and i enter the URL it says that this is not a Bonic-based project( I'am running dial-up and i do have a network of 3 computers and i'am also using a proxy server. I did read you Q&A section but saw no fix.

If you're using "bonic", that should be boinc. Typo, may be the problem.

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