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1) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Decreased Credit. (Message 72831)
Posted 19 Apr 2012 by William Staman
Does it not make sense then to offer new / old OS compatible compilers?
Beats loosing all that computing power due to frustration, does it not?
Running 16 effective cores 24/7/365 costs me in computer wear & electricity.
Do I wish to continue when the fun reward of seeing Rank climb is removed & replaced with the disappointment of seeing it drop daily?
Don't know yet.
Wm. Staman
2) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Decreased Credit. (Message 72823)
Posted 18 Apr 2012 by William Staman
With Rosetta almost the only application running on my Mac Pro I was averaging over 4,000 credits. Something happened March 23 rd. and I am now averaging 1,000 credits. Re-started the computer, re-installed BOINC, and still at 1,000. My ranking is dropping like crazy.
Activity monitor shows 16 cores maxed out with 95+ percentage of each devoted to rosetta. This is unchanged from before.
3) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : Dual G5 (Message 37433)
Posted 4 Mar 2007 by William Staman

after a short time running both projects you will see, that the Mac client for Rosetta is extremely inefficient compared to the Windows or Linux clients. A workunit on a G5 takes almost twice as long as on a comparable Intel or AMD (and therefore you only receive half the credits/hour).

In the old days before - they changed the credit system - this was adjusted for by the BOINC client, but not anymore. Therefore I quit Rosetta.

That's why I quit SETI and switched to Rosetta. Now that they're doing the same I'm tempted to quit this. Seems like the only way to get a response it to vote with our "feet" by leaving. Perhaos afte the loss of enough clints d]they will respond. After all, what does it cost them to grant credit? It costs me about $10.00 per month for extra electricity to keep 3 computers running 24 / 7, two of which are dedicated to this project.
Nothing like looking a gift horse in the mouth and bad mouthing the length of the teeth to the giver.
4) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : string of unrecoverable errors (Message 29909)
Posted 24 Oct 2006 by William Staman
In the Wondoze section there is a similar problem and they stated there are a bunch of "BAD" work units floating about. Have not had this problem with my MAC, but almost the same symptoms with my 2 Windoze computers.
Try new work units, if that fails, then re-install BOINC.
Hope I helped.
5) Questions and Answers : Windows : Rosetta dies with application error and freezes screen (Message 29907)
Posted 24 Oct 2006 by William Staman
Recently Windoze updated & restarted both my computers. Since then I've had a problem with freezes, needing to restart by powering off computers. I changed from the Rosetta screensaver to a generic, and the problem seems to have stopped.
Might work for you also.

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