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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Report long-running models here (Message 57535)
Posted 3 Dec 2008 by Profile Dennis
I believe my long running started when i loaded v6.2.19 which i am running on 5 machines with xp and vista. I have single cpu and 2 cpu machines.
I have seen the over run on all and have aborted the run. after 50 plus hours i gave up. I am running 24 hr models[?]. So now i will wait only to the 30 hr mark of cpu time.

there were 5 or 6 occasions of over run.
on two occasions after aborting, the value of cpu time shown, changed from the 30 plus hrs and 40 plus hrs to the mid 20 hrs which would be normal.

don't know if anyone has seen this.
2) Questions and Answers : Getting started : The transfer tab in the BOINC manager window (Message 17565)
Posted 3 Jun 2006 by Profile Dennis
Should there be any tansactions showing in this window as you complete tasks, receive new tasks and blocks of data move between your machine and the host?

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