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1) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Hey SETI crunchers, will you continue crunching Rosetta? (Message 42435)
Posted 22 Jun 2007 by Beach Bum
Have been Crunching Rosetta regular for about as long as SETI. Moving machines back and forth from time to time. I like the science here.
2) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Team Thread (Ads only, not for discussions) (Message 42434)
Posted 22 Jun 2007 by Beach Bum
The waves are awesome. Wish you was here.

Come visit our Web Site and Forums at Hawaiian Beach Bums

Our team crunches in 30 projects total.

We are small, but growing, and look forward to being a large, interesting, and supportive team.

Visit our Join pages if you would like to Join our Team in any of the projects we are in.
3) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Moderator contact thread archive (Message 19863)
Posted 7 Jul 2006 by Beach Bum
Going to post this now. But will not need the help for a little bit of time yet.
Would like to replace our Team Thread in the Team post. Can I get a moderator to work with on this. Just a simple repost of the newer team blurp.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Porting Rosetta - Unix, Linux etc (Message 16821)
Posted 22 May 2006 by Beach Bum
From Moderator9 message post 16736
While SETI is a worthwhile research project, nobody can make any money if the code falls into the hands of a large corporate entity. That is not the case with Rosetta. A penalty of $500,000 is a pittance to pay for the potential profits to be made by a large pharmaceuticals firm that might profit from accurate protein structure predictions based on Rosetta code.

If you read it right, I said the smallest amount started at 500,000. Most of the contracts have much higher penelties. But unless you have worked for Intel, Microsoft, Unisys, or many more of the big hitters, you most likely have not seen that type of contract figures before.

Also as I am to read it from your posting, It makes it sound like the code is to be kept a secret, and the rosetta project is to be a commercial venture after we crunch things for rosetta. But yet the following quote by Mr. Baker himself puts a large hole in your theory of a large pharmaceuticals firm making money if they could get ahold of it.

From Mr Baker message post 16739
I'd just like to point out again that the rosetta source code can be obtained for free from the UW tech transfer office. This version does not have the latest boinc interface built in, but any optimization or compilation issues that are solved with this version should be immediately transferable to the latest boinc version.

Now what I was pointing a finger to was a possible solution to help the project, not to be flamed by a moderator as being a idiot trying to bring a business model into the project.

Now as far as the move of my posting. The move made no sense seeing as a large amount of the thread I originally posted in was about the code porting. Which is what got me interested in making the original post in the first place.

Anyway, Dotsch I believe Mr. Baker just gave you the place to get the source code, fair be it a bit older, but still the code. That should give you what you need to take a stab at porting it.

And last but not least this quote from moderator9 in this thread.

From Moderator9 message post 16736
In any case as noted previously this thread is not the place for this discussion.

Now how in the heck can this not be the proper thread to discuss porting the app?
1. the name of the thread is Porting Rosetta
2. You Moderator9 moved the posts to this thread.

So this statement from you I truely do not understand.

And last as I feel this post will most likely be moved or deleted by Moderator9 I am saving a copy of it to send straight to Mr Baker himself when said move or deletion acures.

Have a great day all.
5) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : ATTN: Hawaiian Beach Bums (Message 16747)
Posted 21 May 2006 by Beach Bum
Thank you, that is how I would like it. My backup Admin gets a bit gung ho. So he did not get the full posting I like to have on the sites. With all the links to the projects we crunch in. It has helped to pull people to other projects from time to time.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Porting Rosetta - Unix, Linux etc (Message 16734)
Posted 21 May 2006 by Beach Bum
I believe there is a way to keep both sides happy in the offer to port the program to other linux/unix layouts.

As a consultant and programmer, most companies I do work for have a non disclosure contract I must sign and adhere too. Now most of these contracts have a monitary punishment for leaking anything. They also have a set years of non-disclosure. Most of them are for 25 to 50 years.

If dotsh would like to help the project by porting the code. Then bind him to a said contract. This gives Rosetta a fall back if he is to break the contract.

The smallest fine on any of my non-disclosures starts out at 500,000 dollars(U.S.). This does not even include the secondary part of the contract which involves damages done due to the breach. Those could easily run into much more money.

I believe if Dotsh is wanting to do the code port, and he is upfront and honest about it. Then the contract should be no problem to him.

As we know the code is not released to the public, then any release to the public can be tracked rather easy to the people with access. This contract should be instated with all people/companies that have access to the code if one is not in use now.

Fax a contract to him, demand at least two notary seals with signatures of him and the notary on both. Once Rosetta has their copy of the contract, make the code available to him. It would help the project get some vital help from other OS's.
We all know there is a strain on most of the projects in the Boinc system. That is why many volunteer their time. Take this spirit into the project, and let it help the project out. As Rosetta is not open source code, I, as well as others understand the need to limit access to the code. But for the sake of the project, use a contract and harness the extra help when it is given.

There is a reason why SETI has grown, it harnesses as much of its volunteer staff as possible. They have no money to speak of at SETI. They have next to no funding, they stay afloat mostly on donations/help from its community. They do have issues at times. But they get through them.

I do say that the feedback to users here, is a big plus for this project that could easily push it past SETI. Personally, my team and myself have been talking about bringing more of our equipment to crunch here.

With that all said, I hope this helps to spread some light on an option.
7) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : ATTN: Hawaiian Beach Bums (Message 16731)
Posted 21 May 2006 by Beach Bum
To the Moderator, please change the post made by my backup admin for Hawaiian Beach Bums to this, Thank You

If you enjoy life. Feel like being part of a new team.

Come join Hawaiian Beach Bums.

We have members from all around the world. We welcome all that would like to join.

We have put up the forum.

The forum already has posts to easily find the optimized apps and clients for Einstein, SETI, and Boinc.

Team goals are posted monthly on the forum. Giving us a goal to shoot for.

We will be putting up a web site, and picture gallery.

All team members will have a say in the growth of the team.

We have a current Diskless Client/Server project in the works. This is being followed in postings on
the forum. And documentation of the build as well as ISO's of the Linux Terminal Server CD's will be
available for download after this project is up and running.

We are already a mirror site (m16) for mundayweb stats.

We are a mirror site for Einstein AKOS Optimised apps.

Web Site, Forum, and Picture Gallery are/will be located here .

Our team actively crunches in SETI, Einstein, Predictor, SIMAP, WCG, LHC, SZTAKI, CPDN, and Rosetta.

We are small, but growing, and look forward to being a large, interesting, and supportive team.

So what are you waiting for? Click a link below and join us.

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8) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : CAN YOU HELP ROSETTA?? (Message 16687)
Posted 20 May 2006 by Beach Bum
What do we have in regards to the CD? I would be willing to do a snag-it movie of the install, so the user knows what is coming before they install the software.

I also have a webpage layout install cd that I used for some time with my business. I think it could be pretty easily converted to fit the bill here. It was autorun, with a simple menu to click on, that started the different installs. As I produced it the first time around, I am sure I could convert it to work with this. Maybe have a welcoming movie from Mr. Baker himself explaining Rosetta and its goals, and thanking them for their genorous use of their spare cycles.

Could lay in the welcoming screen/movie,that would go into the installation movie. Would make the movies in .WMV format for the windows machines.

Then either fire the installation at the end of the movie, or instruct them to click on the install button.

I have a high capacity web server that can house a ISO of the cd for download by the teams. Also I could do a Team link on the main page so that once they are set-up and running they could join the team that gave them the cd.

Just some thoughts

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