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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Quad Core Intel Price Drops (Message 40190)
Posted 2 May 2007 by Thunderbox
about GPUs i just found this on wikipedia. is it true?

ATi has teamed with Stanford University to create a GPU-based client for its Folding@Home distributed computing project that in certain circumstances yields results forty times faster than the conventional CPU's traditionally used in such applications
2) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : How can we bring more users to the Rosetta project? (Message 39947)
Posted 27 Apr 2007 by Thunderbox
I still think one of the best ways to recruit new people into the project is having a more user friendly page. The main page at the moment, although simple for us users who have been on the project for some time an d know where everything is, may be too cluttered and complicated for some users. I’m thinking or redesigning the web page to make it much simpler yet still as effective. And maybe if it is possible, some way to show how much GOOD Rosetta@Home is doing for protein research. I’m not sure how to complete this but i feel that it will be a big drawer in to the project. Once new users/people browsing the internet see how much GOOD they can do for the world, they may be influenced to join.

Also, one of the big draw ins of the whole BOINC system, was the competition between people. It may not be the same with other people, but I’m forever on BOINCstats trying to increase my overall position. So as part of this maybe there should be a script (PHP) that makes competitions. E.g. People joined on a certain date running a certain computer… or even just a certain Computer. I’m sure that this will bring a bit in to the project as it creates a sort of Competition between participants, making them want to process more work units to have their name in lights in the WINNERS section.

I can try writing the script, but I’m not sure if I can, as I am not familiar with the scripting of any of the BOINC stat sties or anything like that. If anyone does please drop me a line to give me a hand or just do it yourself 

Edit: Is it possible to make the client (or any similar client that will ONLY run Rosetta) run in Java or Flash using ActiveX or something similar. If this can be done, people may simply log into a website and run the project.

This will increase how much is computed, but it may be necessary to make sure that there are sufficient SMALL workunits available to make sure that there is always something to process. And if it can be done, let the user log into his profile so that what he computes will go into his points category (therefore they can run it from anywhere)

Edit: Edit: If anyone with any sort of imaging capabilities, can i ask your help, as i stated above im thinking of redesigning the site as a sort of BETA. So if anyone has some images then please get into contact with me. If anyone has any objections to me redesigning the new site then please contact me also. I just think that a good way to get people to join the project is by having a very simple and clearly defined page with lots of useful information.. .

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