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Posted 17 Aug 2006 by Chris Magowan
When you set the new parameters in your preferences did you go to the bottom of the screen and update them? Then did you go to Boinc and hi lite the project and update it?

i have the same problem
i set the paramaters (downlaod and upload both at 2 KB/s),
clicked update at the bottom
waited for the page to refresh, then i refreshed it myself just to check
then i went to boinc,
checked "activity" tab, both run and network activity are based on preferences
hi-lighted the project,
hit update,
checked logs, which reported the preferences ahd been changed, and the new ones were being used,
yet it still ignores the max upload and downlaod rate

also, how do u distinguish between which preferences you are using, if u set up seperate ones for home/work etc


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