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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems and Technical Issues with Rosetta@home (Message 98265)
Posted 22 Jul 2020 by Jord
When you made the 4.20 app for Windows, did you add the code (via the BOINC API) that checks every 10 seconds if the client has died and will then auto-exit the app?
During testing something with BOINC/BOINC manager I find that when I kill BOINC Manager about 15 seconds after it starting up, while Rosetta tasks are still loading into memory, that both BOINC and BOINC Manager exit normally but the Rosetta tasks that started stay in memory. Even after a handful of minutes these apps still run. I have to manually kill them.
Restarting BOINC Manager will only cause the tasks that started already to stay in memory and in BOINC Manager these show as "waiting to acquire slot directory lock. Another instance may be running."
2) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 86861)
Posted 26 Jul 2017 by Jord
Already in Github Issues:
Throttling: #1474 and it may make it into BOINC 7.8, seeing the latest tag.
Temperature measuring for GPU: #1378 and #1379
Different CPU use when in use/idle: #41

Whatever is in Issues needs to be done at some point, but we're deliberating on how to do so. Our amount of programmers is finite, it's really only a handful.
Therefore our call for help.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 86856)
Posted 26 Jul 2017 by Jord
Hi all,

First I'd like to thank those of you who took the time to post your grievances, feature requests and suggestions. We have quite a list already, but we'd love more. I can tell you that all of what makes it through to the list will be spoken about in detail between the group members and possibly back to you who asked about it.

Just so you know, this work group isn't some low people who were aimlessly waiting around in the lobby of some university, instead as I hinted in some posts already, these people aren't the least in BOINC, they do have something to say. They are senior project scientists and administrators, and other significant contributors.

- Christian Beer - Einstein@Home
- David Wallom -
- Eric Korpela - Seti@Home
- Kevin Reed - IBM/World Community Grid
- Laurence Field - CERN/LHC
- Tristan Olive - Grid Republic
- David Anderson - BOINC

So yes, we're quite honored in that they asked us to gather around the table to discuss a lot of things about BOINC, and so should you. All the material Richard and I send in is talked about via email/a dedicated website. There's so much to talk about even, that some of it made it impossible for us to do all the Agenda points on the last weekly meetings. :)

Weekly we talk via teleconference with each other, which is really nice as at least that way the others can hear the urgency in my voice on anything I have to say. And that's not all just serious talk, there's a lot of humor passing by as well. Weirdly enough, sometimes these guys sound and act like humans. :-D

With that out of the way, please, continue. Give us a lot more to talk about, to decide upon, to vote on how we should change things. We're proud of you. We're BOINC, resistance is futile. :)

4) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 86844)
Posted 25 Jul 2017 by Jord
2. Yes. Lack of a straightway to get involved (my fault probably, I haven't researched enough, but a button in the boinc manager or a link in the project's website that says "are you a developer and want to help BOINC? Click here!" would help).
So simple. I like it. I'm taking that one along to tonight's meeting.

I could help with the Android App.
I have very little experience developing windows programs (I have more experience with higher level languages for specific purposes, like MATLAB, etc...) but it could easily become a hobby for me given enough time to get over the learning curve.
All the help is welcome.
I'd say, start at, look around. If you don't feel too overwhelmed yet, take a peek at for what's needed to get the source code. I would urge you to contact the volunteer developer for Android, Oliver Bock (@brevilo). You can chime in via #1846
5) Message boards : Number crunching : For the betterment of BOINC (Message 86830)
Posted 20 Jul 2017 by Jord
Hi BOINC Community,

Last week Richard Haselgrove and I were asked to join a BOINC Work Group committee which researches how BOINC can be made more user friendly, easier for anyone to set up their own short- or long term project, and for the community to join in on those endeavours. The goal is to get more people to run BOINC, to join in coding all parts that make BOINC (client, manager, web site, forums, projects, etc.), to test everything, to get them to set up their own projects, to make BOINC a future-proof and reliable brand that isn't dependent on any one person in particular.

We do know this is a big order and it won't be solved in a couple of weeks. So we'll work in the background together with some key people from projects/code developers to get things started. Eventually we will need answers from you as well, probably on a lot of things. But we'll start slow with a couple of small questions:

1. If there is anything at all you can change in/withdraw from/add to BOINC, what would that be? While we don't exactly look for enhancements or bug squashing, you may just let out anything you think would put BOINC on the map. For example to add social media inside BOINC Manager, or have certain add-ons integrated into the client (I am making these up, they aren't on the list (yet)).

2. Would you like to contribute to making BOINC better, or program for it, or walk the source code, or do anything to help the project forward? What has held you back thus far?

3. We'd like to get into contact with people who programmed for BOINC, but no longer do. Can you PM me or Richard on this, or contact me via email? Especially if you're one of the people in the Volunteer Developers section here.

4. We also like to get into contact with people who now voluntarily program for BOINC. Can you tell us why you decided to work on BOINC, how difficult it was to get into and what we can do to increase your involvement?

With thanks for any answers you have,

Richard Haselgrove
Jord van der Elst
6) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC Workshop 2017 (Message 86804)
Posted 12 Jul 2017 by Jord
Marius Millea wrote:
Hi everyone,

On behalf of the organizing committee, I want to extend a warm invitation to all members of the BOINC community to join us at the 2017 edition of the BOINC Workshop, taking place in Paris at the Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris this Sept 6-8. The workshop will be an opportunity to reflect on lessons learned from existing projects, to discuss the status of BOINC and the community, and to plan ahead for the future. For many of us, it will also be a great chance to meet in person and get to know our fellow collaborators and interested parties of this open source project.

There is no fee to attend, but you do need to register on the website below. Please do so at your earliest convenience if you would like to come. If you need an invitation to obtain travel documents to France, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Also feel free to circulate the following flyer around, or point others to the workshop page

Hope to see many of you there!

Marius (Cosmology@Home admin)
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Please disable upload certificates? (Message 71305)
Posted 21 Sep 2011 by Jord
Can the project administrators please disable the upload certificates on this project as was asked by David Anderson? This helps us who test the newer 6.13 clients as now all work we do for you project will get a validate error stamped on it, while the work is otherwise correct.

"Upload certificates" are a mechanism that keeps bad guys from DoS'ing your upload servers
(note: such an attack has never happened, as far as I know).

We're changing the format of upload certificates, and we're starting to test a version of the client for which old-format certificates won't work. Volunteers testers won't be able to upload completed jobs, and they may complain to you.

I suggest that all projects disable upload certificates. To do so, add the following to your config.xml file:


To resume using upload certificates, if you wish:

1) upgrade to the current server source code (from trunk)
2) wait for all jobs with old-format certificates to be dispatched
3) re-enable certificates by removing the above lines.

Let me know if any questions.

-- David

With thanks.
8) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : The kitties are back.......... (Message 54516)
Posted 15 Jul 2008 by Jord
You got banned again? Tsk. :-)

Don't prod me man, I am not in the mood right now....LOL.

Prod, prod, poke, poke.

What did you say that caused them to lock two forums at once? ;-)

PS: If too volatile to post here, PM me anywhere you can. I love a good gossip.
9) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : The kitties are back.......... (Message 54514)
Posted 15 Jul 2008 by Jord
You got banned again? Tsk. :-)
10) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Gratitude to BOINC! (Message 47777)
Posted 16 Oct 2007 by Jord
There's a first for everything. ;-)
11) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Moderator contact thread archive (Message 47714)
Posted 14 Oct 2007 by Jord
Thank God I haven't got a clue what you are talking about. Whatever aspires behind your keyboard comes from your own fingers. Blaming me for whatever consequences your own actions have is like suing me when you run your car into a tree, just because I once broke a branch off of that tree.

Welcome to my ignore list, the warm and welcome place where more of your kind have found a happy place. You know whom I type about, they've got the same longing for demolishing nicknames and when they repeat their own fabrications long enough, they will believe in them, defending them high and low as being the one and only truth.
12) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Moderator contact thread archive (Message 47673)
Posted 13 Oct 2007 by Jord
Does Rosetta@Home allow users to flame other users through their signature?

I ask as Angus is flaming me wherever he goes with that signature off his.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : curious (Message 37689)
Posted 12 Mar 2007 by Jord
You mean the CPU capability detection? As in your case:

AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+ [x86 Family 15 Model 47 Stepping 2] [fpu tsc pae nx sse sse2 3dnow mmx]

FPU = Floating Point Unit.
TSC = Time Stamp Counter. (is used whenever possible to further improve the accuracy of the speed measurement.)
PAE = Physical Address Extensions. (is the added ability of the IA32 processor to address more than 4 GB of physical memory.)
NX = No eXecute. (the ability to not run code.)
SSE = Streaming SIMD Extensions. (70 new Single Instruction, Multiple Data instructions built in in the CPU.)
SSE2 = See SSE. (An additional 144 SIMDs.)
3DNow = a multimedia extension created by AMD for its processors, based on MMX.
MMX = MMX is rumoured to stand for MultiMedia eXtension or Multiple Math or Matrix Math eXtension, but officially it is a meaningless acronym trademarked by Intel.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : UPDATE BOINC............ (Message 37672)
Posted 11 Mar 2007 by Jord
Actually I have heard that there might be a plan to put F@H under the Boinc umbrella, but I haven't heard anything recently.

They won't. And best not ask about it on their forums either... they are apparently quite testy about that and will remove posts with the mention of BOINC in them. ;-)
15) Message boards : Number crunching : 咋没人用中文发帖子~ (Message 37407)
Posted 4 Mar 2007 by Jord
Babelfish has a problem translating it.
Simplified: "Is the Chinese back and forth placard ~"
Traditional: "Is center the person returns to placard ~"

Maybe he's asking if there are other Chinese around here.
Although Google makes of it: "China is the tie-back months"
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Merge PCs - details not the same (Message 36227)
Posted 7 Feb 2007 by Jord
No, you can't merge those two PCs. The CPU description isn't the same, even when it's essentially the same computer. What you need to do now is wait for the second computer's result list to dwindle down to 0 results and then you can delete that entry. This won't affect your personal credits in any way.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC 5.8.8 Released to ALL (Win & Mac) (Message 36153)
Posted 5 Feb 2007 by Jord
He said SSSE3 ;)

Ah true. I misread that. 't was early in the morning here as I read that. ;-)
But it's just a revision of SSE3. Linky.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC 5.8.8 Released to ALL (Win & Mac) (Message 36148)
Posted 5 Feb 2007 by Jord
Fluffy - All I see is 'Loading' - nothing else the pc shows nothing else(no percent), the page is all white!!
Default browser seems ok as I can get everywhere else, but will try to set ie7 as default to see what happens, but it is past midnight here and bed is calling loudly, will try in the morning here and report back

The links under those buttons are stored in your account_*.xml file(s). For Rosetta that's in account_boinc.bakerlab.org_rosetta.xml
Check if the GUI URLs are all correct.

As said, BOINC is using the browser that is set up as the default one under the operating system. In Windows that's set through Add/Remove programs, Set program access and defaults, check the browser you want to use as default. OK out.
19) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC 5.8.8 Released to ALL (Win & Mac) (Message 36147)
Posted 5 Feb 2007 by Jord
On Core 2 , i get: GenuineIntel
Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU @ 2.66GHz [x86 Family 6 Model 15 Stepping 7] [fpu tsc pae nx sse sse2 sse3 mmx]

I made it bold in your reply.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc Version 5.4.9 is Officially released (Message 16016)
Posted 12 May 2006 by Jord
Some of the Changes in 5.4.9:

A different port number, only port 31416 is used. This to prevent hijacking the port number by the OS or other applications and BOINC Manager saying it can't contact the client.

The traffic you see on your firewall is because the Boinc Manager's Task tab is now updated every second. So each second, Boinc.exe and Boincmgr.exe communicate with eachother. (Note: Leaving Boinc Manager open on the Tasks tab, when you have over 0.5 days worth of queue can take up some CPU cycles due to the refresh.)

The screensaver will now also give an RPC out, so your firewall software knows it is starting. This to prevent a hanging screensaver when you try to return to the desktop.

In case of a client_state.xml file corruption, due to you needing to reboot or a crashing OS, upon the next start of BOINC, the client_state.xml file is checked. If found corrupt, it's discarded and the contents of client_state_prev.xml is used to startup with.

New statistics.

New names for several menu items.

New and clearer error messaging. Some errors are now just warnings.

You can use the Account Manager. At this moment only BAM is semi-live: (registration is closed again)

Network tracing built into the client. (see version details)

JM7 fixed several bugs in the work scheduler.

Further available changes in the version details.

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