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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Update BOINC immediately! (Message 43076)
Posted 3 Jul 2007 by Profile Conrad Poohs
I'm just in it for RAH since I read that in the Seattle Times I think it was.
Before that I never knew or had heard of DC before.

Primarily I am in it for cancer research, but I didn't know that hadn't started yet. So I am crunching the other stuff they put out until they get around to cancer. Might as well put my system to good use while it's sitting idle.

WCG runs several disease specific apps which definitely used to include a Cancer app. Unfortunately they have a server problem at the moment so I couldn't verify currency of said app. Of course you may not want to run WCG as it is associated with M$ (Strange as it may seem I have seen such opinions expressed).
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Effect of Memory on performance (Message 37141)
Posted 23 Feb 2007 by Profile Conrad Poohs
Unless you are running Rosetta and Ralph/WCG and/or several other projects with 'Keep in Memory' set on, it shouldn't make much difference. Rosetta, Ralph and WCG all have large memory requirements (I've seen WCG get up to 400MB working set!).

You could check out your current situation by running Process Explorer by Sysinternals. Execute it while you are running a heavy load and check the memory requirements and commit charge. The Help is pretty good but, as a rough rule of thumb, if commit charge is getting above 50% regularly you could probably benefit from the extra memory.

I'm assuming that you are running under Windoze, if not I just wasted five minutes writing this as I haven't a clue how to check it out under any other OS.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : How's the new credit system shaping up? (Message 24088)
Posted 21 Aug 2006 by Profile Conrad Poohs
My main puzzle is that the WUs seem to have shrunk considerably. All of a sudden they do in four or five hours (maybe 8).

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