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1) Questions and Answers : Windows : Computation erros (Message 11815)
Posted 9 Mar 2006 by RMc-Canada

TY for your responce.

\"Leave applications in memory while preempted?\",was set on NO,changed it to yes.

as far as tests, i went to & did their FULL TEST & everything including my memory passed with flying colours. no idea how thorough their tests are.

AFTER THAT i updated my ATI display drivers.

now it SEEMS to be running ok since then,on the BBC/CCE forum someone looked at the error # or whatever & said they thought it might have something to do with the display drivers & other users who had went & updated their drivers seemed to cure the problum,well it SEEMS to have worked for me also. time will tell,so far so good.

& BTW, i always suspend BOTH network activity & boinc whenever playing my online games.
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Computation erros (Message 11523)
Posted 1 Mar 2006 by RMc-Canada
Iv had been running boinc with just \'seti@home\' for a few months with no problums what so ever & have just resently added both the \'BBC/CCE\' & \'Rosetta\' projects for a total of three projects.

now with both the BBC/CCE & rosetta projects im having thease \'Computation Error\'s\' every day,real bad with the rosetta project.


what is a \"Computation Error\" & what is causing this pls & ty? :-)

\"have you checked that your computer is stable?\" = NO.

im using a gaming computer that plays HUGELY graphically intensive \'massive muti-player online games\' with no problum, if my puter cant handle rosetta?! then i give up! LOL!.

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