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1) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : New client (Message 798)
Posted 30 Sep 2005 by RDC
@ Thales
What's your machine ? Pentium 4 ?
Client unstable (for you) ? how ? what errors ?

@ kel
The errors are probably "interesting" but it will be interesting to see the OS's and the Cpus if correlation

i have a Barton under Win2k and the CC 4.32 and i can't get an error (i'm lucky maybe) :
i can run the benchmark when i want
i don't need to leave the application in memory
i run Rosetta with LHC and Sztaki with Boinc switching easily

Many of the problems I've seen here, where people haven't hidden their computers, involved Pentiums with speeds of 3gig or faster and interestingly enough they also all had WinXP Professional. I'm willing to bet that many who have just posted their errors but no PC info have the same general setup as those Pentium 3gig processors with WinXP-Pro,

Like you, I can run benchmarks, dump out of memory, swap between various projects and have not managed to crash the Rosetta WU's yet. I have an AMD 1200 Thunderbird. Only 2 I cancelled myself, the first one and one later when I thought it was stuck but found out later I just needed to shut down and reload and it would have finished up.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Can you help us make rosetta better? (Message 784)
Posted 29 Sep 2005 by RDC
We are planning to set something like this up soon after David K returns. When each calculation finishes, it will tell you the lowest energy structure it found, and you can compare to the lowest energy structure found overall which we will post on the web. Once the screenserver is up, the last image on the screen will be the lowest energy structure you found, or perhaps without the screensaver we can simply have the program generate a picture of this structure.

BURP does similar when they issue work. When a completed WU is verified, an image of the rendering is available on the WU status page so you can see what you spent time on.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Am only one getting WU (Message 640)
Posted 27 Sep 2005 by RDC
They aren't sending out multiple WU's to various hosts to create a quorum like in other projects. They may at a later date but currently you get credited immediately as soon as you report it in.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Can you help us make rosetta better? (Message 584)
Posted 27 Sep 2005 by RDC
Also, are there suggestions of things we should add to the home page?

A few easy suggestions for additional features borrowed from other projects with links on the home page to the additional pages could include:

  • A technical news section to go into additional details of various project related issues.
  • A page that lists Rosetta@Home in the news where you can better archive the various articles regarding the project that are placed in the current news section.
  • A link to Paul D. Buck's BOINC-Wiki tutorial site at which is a fantastic resource for learning about how BOINC works and for answering many of the questions that come up that are BOINC related.

5) Message boards : Number crunching : Umm, < 1 day deadlines? (Message 582)
Posted 27 Sep 2005 by RDC
OK, I just noticed this one in BOINC manager. I just signed up for and connected to this project 1 hour ago. It downloaded 5 work units (my preferences have been 1 day for the queue accross all projects). Anhow, it's now 11:20 pm. They all have a report deadline of Sept. 24 (which is today).

Even if BOINC spent all it's time crunching these units (though I'm not yet sure how long it would take one unit to complete), I doubt it would be capable of finishing these work units in the 1 hour and 40 minutes that exist before midnight (the start of tomarrow). Have others noticed this? Is this a bug worth reporting?

I think your a month off, your WU deadline is October 25th, not September 25th.

81784 69494 27 Sep 2005 4:34:50 27 Sep 2005 8:31:43 Over Success Done 9,640.84 21.91 21.91
81698 69408 27 Sep 2005 4:34:50 25 Oct 2005 4:34:50 In Progress Unknown New --- --- ---
81685 69395 27 Sep 2005 4:34:50 25 Oct 2005 4:34:50 In Progress Unknown New --- --- ---
81575 69285 27 Sep 2005 4:34:50 25 Oct 2005 4:34:50 In Progress Unknown New --- --- ---
81527 69237 27 Sep 2005 4:34:50 25 Oct 2005 4:34:50 In Progress Unknown New --- --- ---

6) Message boards : Number crunching : A few things about RAC (Message 563)
Posted 27 Sep 2005 by RDC
RAC has always driven me nuts. Some projects I have seem to act that way you describe and others seem to operate as an average of the connected computers. Then there's projects I can't figure out as the more work I pump in, the lower my RAC becomes if sent up as completed instead of in bulk once a day.

I believe it's supposed to be the way it is operating here with the average speed of all connected computers to the account as that technically makes more sense and that's the way I interpret the Wiki entry. I could be wrong though, wouldn't be the first time :P
7) Message boards : Number crunching : A few things about RAC (Message 556)
Posted 27 Sep 2005 by RDC
First, obviously I "have a dog in this fight" but this isn't possible :) :

Secondly, how is the RAC figured, since I have on computer that has a RAC by itself of 700, yet I'm only at 300.

Thanks in advance.

This may help explain it. on Paul Buck's Wiki site goes into some detail in how the RAC is calculated.

I see you have three computers attached and basically the simplest answer is the RAC is an average of the three. Your one PC with the 700 RAC is being brought down by the other 2 computers you have attached to the project with much lower RAC's when it averages out the numbers.

(edit)I was incorrect in some respect in how I put it. The average of the 3 computers is also related to how often they report in work. Paul's site states the easiest way to think of it is as a speedometer of how fast your putting out work and the average of your 3 computers is around 300 (/edit)
8) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : no graphics? (Message 525)
Posted 26 Sep 2005 by RDC

Not yet. David Kim of the project has indicated that graphics are being worked on.

This project is still in beta so graphics are most likely a lower priority over getting the application itself running properly.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : only 2 Wu´s every connect (Message 523)
Posted 26 Sep 2005 by RDC
rosetta is running at 98% priority, but I´ve got only 2 WU´s - "26.09.2005 07:13:10|rosetta@home|Requesting 345600 seconds of work, returning 0 results" - this is only work für´s a daily quota?
Hagen from Germany

You probably need to increase your cache size.

Under "View or edit general preferences" find the line "Connect to network about every ___ (determines size of work cache; maximum 10 days" and increase it. It's probably set at 1 or 2 days. Try increasing it to 3 or 4 and then if you can handle more work, increase it again a day or two at a time until you find the setting that works best for your situation.
10) Message boards : Number crunching : Error report (Message 520)
Posted 26 Sep 2005 by RDC

Well, i tried this and it worked, BUT, my ram utilization pegged and i barely had anything left over to navigate the web among other things. 498mb used out of 508 avail. I shut it back off (retain in memory) and i can operate my PC again.

Since this problem is only with Rosetta, ill just have to do Rosetta in straight runs as opposed to switching to other projects.

thanks for assist

I hope you don't mind me asking but what all do you run on your computer? I currently have 4 applications swapping around in BOINC, all retained in 512 RAM, I'm on the net with 4 MSIE browser instances opened, A/V and firewall program, 2 notepad text files and MS Word and have absolutely no problem with the computer bogging down.

I just find it odd that you have a much faster processor than I do yet are having problems with slowdowns. We both have WinXP, the same amount of RAM and the only major difference I can see is that you have a faster Pentium and I have a slower AMD. Must be a Pentium thing...
11) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : How Is Rosetta Different Than Folding@home? (Message 519)
Posted 26 Sep 2005 by RDC
Although the growth of the project over the last week has been amazing, our efforts to predict protein structures are still limited by total computing power. Does anybody have suggestions on how to recruit more participants?

There's actually two parts to this and one is attracting new participants and the other is keeping the existing participants. So far Rosetta is doing a fantastic job at attracting new people as well as what is needed to keep them.

First, I've found that much regarding obtaining new participants is word of mouth through the various team sites. Team sites will probably always be the largest pool of possible participants for Rosetta.

I hate putting it this way but you also benefit when another project has major issues such as Predictor being off-line for planned server upgrades so there's a week plus a few days of nothing coming out of their project. Another example was when Seti was having problem after problem for several months, many projects benefited from the Seti crunchers taking on new projects or spending more time with existing projects they already had.

Second and probably more important is to keep the participants you have. Most projects do well at this particular point at the beginning but eventually begin to falter. The faltering point is in one important area and that's communications with the participants. Over time in some projects, the participants are eventually left to guess as to what's happening when there are problems as communications has become a rare thing. When questions aren't answered by the project staff and participants try to help each other when it comes to certain project related things, it sometimes becomes the blind leading the blind and causing more problems. Keeping a consistant level of communications with the participants is the most effective method for retaining the participants you have.
12) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Am getting warning messages... What to do ? (Message 483)
Posted 25 Sep 2005 by RDC
Yikes, it's happening again ! I did all three things suggested and it reoccurs ! Wondering if I'll have to uninstall/reinstall the stupid thing ?

I see you've been successful in doing WU's so far and have 4 recent outstanding WU's which I guess are the ones your having trouble with. That's telling me that it is less a BOINC/Rosetta application problem and more something that changed on your computer that is conflicting.

If you've made any changes to your computer very recently, you could try backing those changes out as a test as well to see if that solves the problem. It's possible the application files became corrupted though so try resetting the project if nothing else has worked.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Error report (Message 454)
Posted 25 Sep 2005 by RDC
Personally I wouldn't do that if you've got 512MB of RAM cause it'll use the RAM and your computer will slow down.

Huh? I have 512MB of RAM with an old 1200 mhz AMD processor, usually have 4 or 5 BOINC applications in memory (CPDN, Rosetta, SZTAKI, LHC, Seti, Einstein, etc) and I have no slow down of my computer at all even when doing other things on the computer. Some timing issues with how BOINC records the CPU time yes but not any noticible slowdown of the computer itself. That's what swap memory is for, to help prevent the computer from slowing down as it swaps out programs/files residing in RAM to the HD when they aren't being used and brings them back in when they are needed.

14) Message boards : Number crunching : Warning: Don't shut down BOINC Manager..!! (Message 444)
Posted 25 Sep 2005 by RDC
CPDN has been having the same problem foe about 1/3 of there users. Before rebooting if you suspend CPDN and Rosetta and exit BOINC this should not be a problem they found.
CPDN is worse, a lot of people have been reporting damaged models after lousing power so CPDN is recommending that there people back up the BOINC folder occasionally.

Yea, happend to me today after I accidently turned of the wrong power switch. Luckily that I have made a backup yesterday. :-)

You are luckey, as far as I know only people running CPDN make backup's of BOINC. If the WU's were larger here this would be another to back up for.

Weird, I've had WU's crash on me for every project except CPDN. That's usually the WU that gets hit the hardest too since it usually is the project being crunched when some idiot decides to make love to a nearby telephone pole with their car ;) It's happened 3 times so far in the past 6 months...
15) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Congrats to Travis Tuck and PCZ (Message 428)
Posted 24 Sep 2005 by RDC
Congratulations to Travis Tuck and PCZ on finding the first predicted structures for the project!!

16) Message boards : Number crunching : Any chance of a graphic? (not screensaver) (Message 426)
Posted 24 Sep 2005 by RDC
First get the science code right. That way you will be ready for the users. Then work on the screensaver. Screensavers in the correct location can be a useful advertisement for the projects and possibly generate more crunchers.

I agree. In my personal opinion, the usual push by some to get graphics and screensavers for new projects I beleive is putting their personal wants and desires ahead of the science of the project. Screensavers and graphics should be the last thing done. The science application needs to be fully tested, working properly and proven to be stable before worrying about graphics and screensavers.

I still won't use it so no matter to me how long it takes but as was stated, it can be a useful advertisement to get additional crunchers down the line.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Any chance of a graphic? (not screensaver) (Message 394)
Posted 23 Sep 2005 by RDC
We are working on a screensaver.

The heck with a screen saver,

I never saw the usefulness of a screensaver myself. They slow the crunching down and cause more headaches for many of the projects than they are worth in trying to get them working on everyone's completely different system.

18) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized Windows Application (Message 373)
Posted 23 Sep 2005 by RDC
Mine's working fine crunching other projects....

Same here and that included a system crash when a Rosetta WU was running. The crash wasn't the result of BOINC or Rosetta but due to Outlook Express that I knew better than to open as it always crashes unless opened immediately after a reboot. LOL.

Rosetta picked up where it left off after I restarted the PC with no issues and that WU should be completing in the next 30 minutes.

19) Message boards : Number crunching : My experience with Rosetta WU's (Message 360)
Posted 23 Sep 2005 by RDC
Machines are "rescued" Dell GX110s w/CPU speed of 933meg and 256meg RAM, using Win2000Pro for OS. Cannot cycle between Rosetta and other projects without Rosetta erroring out, so these machines are banging away 100% until I set "no new work".

With the 1200 mhz AMD, 512 ram, WinXP PC I run Rosetta on, I've been able to cycle Rosetta with other projects with no problems at all.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Optimized Windows Application (Message 351)
Posted 23 Sep 2005 by RDC
With a 1200 mhz AMD and 512 RAM, I just finished a WU with the 4.76 application in under 3 hours. A dramatic speed improvement over the 4.75 application which was averaging between 18 and 19 hours.

Downloading the 4.77 application now with a new WU.

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