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Posted 1 Mar 2011 by Scarrett
Hi! I have been on Rosetta for awhile. Have 3 computer running but I decided recently to have my company form a team so our clients (we work on Servers, Networks and PC/MAC Repair) can help participate in Rosetta via my company\'s team. When we created the team, 48 hours later, we were flooded with \"team created\" on various other grid projects. I didn\'t see Rosetta but when I search for our team, it shows it as inactive. I started the team under a brand spanking new email not associated with the account I use for my 3 pc\'s. I want to attach my account to the company team but when I search, I find it (doesn\'t show under \"active\") but there is no \"Join Team\" option. I know for sure I am not a member of the team because it does not show any teams \"joined\". Can anyone assist? Thanks in advance!


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