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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Problems With BOINC SERVER UPGRADE (Message 18585)
Posted 13 Jun 2006 by MolAnO
I'll notify Rhiju and Bin about this issue and see what we can do if this is indeed what is happening.

Thanks for taking care of this.

On a side note, Linux-pc's have normally enough swap-space available to handle those large WU's. As said before, I got an old server with 8 CPU's and only 256MB of RAM, which needs to be shared among those 8 CPU's and I have never had 1 error on a WU.

Right now, my RAC is dropping like hell! :)

Just my 2 cents
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Problems With BOINC SERVER UPGRADE (Message 18552)
Posted 13 Jun 2006 by MolAnO
I have a number of computers with less than 512Megs of ram, and since the upgrade I have been getting a number of error messages on those computers like this:

6/10/2006 5:30:21 PM|rosetta@home|Message from server: Your computer has only 266780672 bytes of memory; workunit requires 233219328 more bytes

The work units download and complete without any problems, but the computers then stop communicating with the server. So the results are never sent in for credit and the computers stop requesting work.

I realize that the minimum requirement is 512megs, but these computers have been crunching without any problems for 6 months. Are you now forcing computers to have 512megs before allowing them to take part in the project?

>We have received the same message on a machine with 469Meg RAM.....had to manually upgrade to get more work.....seems to be a growing problem with machines that were happily crunching R@H before the upgrade.....Cheers, Rog.

I would also like to second this post. I have an 8-way server with only 256MB RAM running Linux. It crunched great before the upgrade, but now I have also a lot of errors indicating I have not enough memory and then the communication stops for 24 hours.
Manually forcing an update does some help, but I do not get enough WU for all my processors...
3) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Dial-up (Message 17918)
Posted 7 Jun 2006 by MolAnO

If your PC's hardware is stable, it's a good idea to increase default WU runtime even if you have fast Internet, to use longer WU runtimes (I use 8hr WU runtimes, i.e. each 24/7 PC would finish 3 WUs per day).

If I understand this correct, the longer WU runtimes, the better it is for the project?

If this is the case, I will adapt this setting to the max. But why isn't it like this then by default?

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