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Posted 7 Nov 2020 by SPKA67213
Nope, there isn't - at least that I have found. Reset Rosetta on 4 machines, none got new work.
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Posted 6 Feb 2019 by SPKA67213
Same for me. It's also odd that out of the 6 machines I have running BOINC/Rosetta, only 3 of them routinely can get work units. I added Cosmology and Einstein @ home to keep some kind of work being done.

It's interesting to me that there is almost no info filtering down from Rosetta about the issues with delivering, crunching and verifying the project work. Am I missing an announcement page or other place to find out why/what is going on?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Out of work (Message 90105)
Posted 29 Dec 2018 by SPKA67213
One of my machines grabbed 4 or 5 tasks and now waiting for new work. I just added cosmology@home as my backup project.

It just seems odd when I walk past my office and don't see the Rosetta screen saver running.

Best new year's wishes to all the Boinc'ers out there!
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Out of work (Message 90082)
Posted 26 Dec 2018 by SPKA67213
I too am out of work units and have been for at least a week, maybe longer, across 6 machines. Is there anyone from Baker Lab who can tell us what is going on?
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems and Technical Issues with Rosetta@home (Message 80629)
Posted 12 Sep 2016 by SPKA67213
We are trying to reduce the size of the database and also the load on the database server. So we dramatically shortened the time workunits/results remain in our database temporarily. Sorry for any inconvenience and we do expect to go back to normal time spans soon after we catch up on the large backlog.

Please also do not trust the stats being displayed. I also turned off the stat updates since the db queries were putting a large load on our server slowing things down too much.

I expect it to take a week or so for things to settle back to normal and we will upgrade the database server to a temporary server with much more disk space, faster disks, and double the memory which should hopefully help also. The upgrade will result in another day of downtime as the data gets transferred etc. This will happen sometime next week.

Can't receive new work units for the last couple of weeks.

After reading some of the Q&A I'm still not sure what is broke, why, or when whatever is broken will be fixed. Love to contribute my CPU cycles but with nothing to crunch from R@H I need to move to a different project.

It would be nice if the project home page had a headline that says "yeah, we know it's broken and we're working to fix it. LINKY HERE." YMMV and all, but it just seemed a little silly that a casual contributor (4 computers, 12 CPU cores) has to dig around to find out there's likely nothing wrong on his end.

See you next year when R@H *might* be fixed.
6) Questions and Answers : Windows : 80% of work ends in 'computation error" (Message 16568)
Posted 18 May 2006 by SPKA67213
At wits end... more than 80% of my work ends with errors. I've tried keeping project in memory (even though I only run Rosetta). I get a 'Rosetta not responding to screensaver, exiting" message along with "5/18/2006 3:54:14 PM|rosetta@home|Unrecoverable error for result t283_HOMOLOG_ABRELAX_hom003__515_4011_0 ( - exit code -1073741811 (0xc000000d))"

The project then crashes.

I have no desire to contribute results that are bad, and have no desire to waste cpu time on creating those errors.

I have disabled all power management other than screensaver activation. NOTHING has helped so far. I'd like to contribute to this project, but so far it has been disappointing.

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