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21) Message boards : Number crunching : OMFG!!!!!!! folding just broke the teraflop boundrie!!!!! (Message 46503)
Posted 18 Sep 2007 by Natronomonas
I didn't realise that there were BOINC projects on PS3... yes, if the PS3 achieves the ubiquity of the PS2, there is a massive 'market' there, although you'd probably want a very easy setup (admittedly things have been improving at BOINC, it's now pretty easy already).

3.5k/day is nice, about the same as a q6600@~3ghz at SETI (on optimized client) I think.
22) Message boards : Number crunching : How to get a million credits? (Message 46352)
Posted 16 Sep 2007 by Natronomonas
lol at the Dummies pic.

I'm closing on 1m combined BOINC credits, and it's only recently things accelerated. Dual/quad cores help a lot... : )

And time, you need a lot of that, unless you have lots of computers. Since credits are in monetary terms, worthless, you have to be keen to worry too much about them... which I know I, and many others do : )
23) Message boards : Number crunching : On Rosetta Cafe': Petition for R@H for 360 (Message 46351)
Posted 16 Sep 2007 by Natronomonas
It's a nice idea - Sony probably got a few console sales through FAH on the ps3. Still, with the current overheating problems on 360s, they probably wouldn't be interested until they migrate to cooler process tech.
Still, it's worth a shot.
24) Message boards : Number crunching : CPU Comparison question (Message 46350)
Posted 16 Sep 2007 by Natronomonas
Remember also that you're comparing a desktop CPU to a laptop CPU.

The fact is that they've fitted two cores, of the same or greater processing power than the p4, into a thermal envelope probably a third of the p4.

ie, you're getting 6x the compute power per watt. This is where most of the recent gains have been made.

If you got a desktop CPU of the same thermal power, you'd find greater gains, and the added benefit of desktop RAM (faster speed).
25) Questions and Answers : Windows : Helping for nothing ... ??? (Message 46349)
Posted 16 Sep 2007 by Natronomonas
Every Work Unit you process is helpful. Of course, the credit is a nice recognition of this.

When you say "score", do you mean RAC? This is an average credit, and will change slowly, not quickly, over time.
If you mean your ranking in your team/world, this may change depending on how long you run your computer & its processing power, vs the rest of team/world.
For example, a lot of people are getting quad-cores now; it's hard to keep up with 3000 credit per day, vs maybe 200-500 for relatively recent single-cores. Your CPU looks like a PentiumM, should do ok, but against duals, remember it's only going to get half of what they do...

Internet bandwidth shouldn't be a factor in score; I can only think that your friend got a high "daily" score by returning a lot of WU in one batch, whereas yours are coming in over time. If you compare RAC, they should be similar if they're both on the same amount of time and have the same processing power.

If you look here:

your credit was going OK, there's a flat bit, then it goes up. I think Rosetta recently had problems, that's probably the flat bit; their fault, not yours.

If you run multiple projects (say CPDN, Einstein etc) as well, it means you still earn credit even if one project has some temporary problems.

Hope this helps,
26) Questions and Answers : Windows : CPU oscillation (Message 44524)
Posted 30 Jul 2007 by Natronomonas
Do you have BOINC set to use a maximum percentage of CPU?

If it's at 90%, that would explain it; does it stay at 90, or is it oscillating a lot?
27) Message boards : Number crunching : Naive Quad Core to be released in August. (Message 44507)
Posted 30 Jul 2007 by Natronomonas

Performance wise, it does not make any difference.


Although that's hard to test right now, without a monolithic quad to compare to (at least on the retail scene)...
28) Questions and Answers : Windows : Credit Claimed vs Granted (Message 44383)
Posted 27 Jul 2007 by Natronomonas
that was just insulting to hear.

I don't think there's any insult going on here, just statement of fact; the AMD is not a 'bad' computer, just the benchmarks don't reflect its specific performance at a particular task - this happens all the time with benchmarks; a RAID0 looks great in HDTach benches, but isn't in fact so good in most real life applications.

I believe Einstein work units favour AMD processors more, last time I checked. Also, if you are running an optimized app over at SETI, that will help the AMD score higher.

It's not something to get too stressed over, it just.. is. However, if you're planning on doing a lot of SETI and Rosetta crunching, your next CPU should probably be a large cache one. Similarly, if you were planning something that needed high memory bandwidth, you'd choose AMD.

And if you just want a computer that works, and does some BOINC on the side, either AMD or Intel will be fine ; )
29) Message boards : Number crunching : Advice for an ultra-quiet system that can crunch? (Message 44258)
Posted 25 Jul 2007 by Natronomonas
Or a LOT more!

Unless you really, really, need the 10W fewer, I don't think it's worth the price premium with the plethora of low power desktop CPUs available now.

However, it's ultimately up to each purchaser!
30) Message boards : Number crunching : Credits? (Message 44257)
Posted 25 Jul 2007 by Natronomonas
They can also be useful for noticing something is up, ie one of your machines stops getting credit - something went wrong on it, or a specific project isn't giving credit and they're down, etc.
31) Message boards : Number crunching : Advice for an ultra-quiet system that can crunch? (Message 44204)
Posted 25 Jul 2007 by Natronomonas
The AMD 64 X2 3800+ you suggest has a 90nm SOI process which means it is more susceptible to overheating than a chip using 65nm SOI's (Silicon On Insulator)

Actually it looks like the low-end 65nm AMD cpus might be quite 'leaky', meaning undervolting may not be as successful and/or heat output not so great a difference cf. 90nm (

The power output is so (relatively) low anyway on the lower-end dualcores that most decent aftermarket HSF will have no issues cooling the cpu with undervolted fans. Even passive with a well setup/ducted case (with one or two 5v fans).

on the brink of "easy" silent computing.

I think we're probably there - Mac Mini for one. And with sensible component choice (as espoused at the already quoted it is quite easy to set up near silent computing (HDDs being the primary difficulty, rather than CPU cooling).

It seems like the candidate directions would be a build using an mATX motherboard

Keep in mind that most mATX boards don't have great BIOS options; you may have more undervolting success with a full ATX, but just research the model you're going to buy first really.
32) Questions and Answers : Windows : Rosetta uses 160mb of RAM (Message 44203)
Posted 25 Jul 2007 by Natronomonas

OK I'll give that a go, thanks.
33) Questions and Answers : Getting started : can you apply credits you buy off of ebay? (Message 44191)
Posted 25 Jul 2007 by Natronomonas
there are people selling credits on ebay. can a person apply these credits to their account and if so how?

I don't know of any way; perhaps by merging some accounts, although I doubt that's possible.

isn't that a form of cheating as well?


Have you a link? Could always use the "ask seller" option how they think it could be done : )
34) Questions and Answers : Windows : Rosetta uses 160mb of RAM (Message 44188)
Posted 25 Jul 2007 by Natronomonas
If BOINC isn't set to run as a service, just single user, I just exit BOINC while I'm playing a game, then restart it when I'm done.

BOINC doesn't seem to free CPU cycles fast enough for games sometimes (mainly FPS) and I figure even if I lose a bit of work it's nothing that can be redone relatively quickly.

35) Message boards : Number crunching : Computers without internet (Message 44187)
Posted 25 Jul 2007 by Natronomonas
If I have a computer with a busted ethernet jack,

As mentioned, a <$10 ethernet card will get you going again, or you could just make the desktop wireless (as well as the wireless laptop) with a PCI or USB stick, then use a wireless router.

IF I do get the ethernet jack to work agian, is there a way to hook it up to my laptop and run the internet off the desktop from a wireless laptop?

You mean internet connection sharing? If you're running windows there's a wizard. Otherwise, a cheap router will do the trick.

also, whats the best way to get a laptop to perform for crunching vs. a desktop...and whats the best wasy to get a desktop to perform?

Laptops will generally not perform as well as desktops, just because laptop CPUs tend to be designed more for lower power consumption than raw performance.
However, a newer laptop CPU will generally outperform older desktops, as you might expect.

Best way to get desktops to perform is get some good parts then overclock them; but you must ensure that the system is stable before running BOINC on it, or else you'll return rubbish results. Or else just buy top-end to start with, but not everyone can afford to do that.
36) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : No host name (Message 11542)
Posted 2 Mar 2006 by Natronomonas
Thanks, I'll give that a go. These computers hardly ever get rebooted so I guess that could be why it hasn't come up!
37) Questions and Answers : Macintosh : No host name (Message 11508)
Posted 1 Mar 2006 by Natronomonas
My Macs won't display a hostname in the "computers" list. I get all the other details such as OS version etc.

I get hostnames displayed correctly on my linux machines and also my Windows machines.

I've read that OSX does not implement a standard hostname system. Is there any way to get my hostnames to work for BOINC?

(I've already given the OSX machines names in System Prefs -> Sharing -> Computer name.)
38) Questions and Answers : Windows : Only client errors (Message 11238)
Posted 23 Feb 2006 by Natronomonas
I'm running BOINC 5.2.13 and Rosetta started out OK... then I kept getting client errors after returning some OK results.

SETI@home validates fine and my machine seems Prime95 stable (not overclocked). Plenty of RAM (768mb) and 1.8ghz Sempron.

I've reset the project in case something went wrong, but I don't want it to happen again - can anyone help me with suggestions or what might have happened? I'm wondering if it's anything to do with what verdy_p suggested (me not understanding exactly what it is... sorry).


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