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1) Message boards : Number crunching : File transfers. (Message 91665)
Posted 8 Feb 2020 by bfromcolo
I have had 3 tasks on 2 machines hung like this for hours, and these are very small downloads. To make matters worse it stops other work from being downloaded, at least sometimes, its not consistent here. Retrying the transfer didn't help with any of them. Aborting the transfer did help, it caused the associated work unit to fail, next update everything is back in order.

Sat 08 Feb 2020 08:26:01 AM MST | Rosetta@home | Not requesting tasks: some download is stalled
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Minirosetta 3.46 (Message 75530)
Posted 28 Apr 2013 by bfromcolo
I am new at this, just got things running over the weekend. But I just aborted three of these that had made no progress on their ETA in hours, I assumed it was looping. Looking at my task log I see another 3 that went over 25000 seconds, instead a more normal 10500 seconds. They had all rapidly gotten to 9 - 15 minutes remaining and then the ETA just stopped updating, or was decreasing at a very slow rate, like 1 sec every 5 min. Is there any point allowing these to continue to run once they stop updating the ETA while continuing to consume CPU? When it finally does complete is it returning anything useful?

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