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1) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Non CASP8 Work Units (Message 53438)
Posted 29 May 2008 by Profile carp
Please let these run! believe it or not, we are still testing new method improvements out even though casp has started. for example, I\'m very excited about some improvements I think I may have just made to the energy function, but I won\'t know for sure until rosetta@home tests on proteins of known structure are finished.

Thanks, just wanted to make sure I didn\'t abort useful work during CASP.
2) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Non CASP8 Work Units (Message 53411)
Posted 28 May 2008 by Profile carp
Should we abort them or let them run?
3) Message boards : Number crunching : CASP8 (Message 52897)
Posted 7 May 2008 by Profile carp
Can someone please let us know when to back off Ralph and change resource share back to Rosetta.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : new to rosetta using q6600 (Message 50876)
Posted 21 Jan 2008 by Profile carp

i know a few people running multiple Q6600s with credit as expected. you should get something in the region of 1700 RAC from a 2.4GHz Q6600 on 24/7. If you\'re getting less then it might be because the CPU is throttling down... is it definitely running at 2.4GHz when Rosetta is the only thing running?

I\'d love to get 1700RAC from a single Q6600!! I practice I\'ve been seeing < 400 with Rosetta on 66% share.

For an example of low returns, see It looks like somehow the credit system thinks some serious cheating is going on and scaling the granted credit severely.

I\'ll try setting Rosetta to 100% share on a Q6600 box & see what happens.

Yikes! you are really getting the shaft. Here is a link to an Acer Aspire only running on one core.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Can Rosetta be run from a USB Flash Drive? (Message 49650)
Posted 12 Dec 2007 by Profile carp
I have a laptop with the T7500 assigned to me from my employer. Want to run Rosetta on it but would need to do it so Landesk does not see it during an inventory scan. In others words, not on the HDD, no registry entries, etc.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Dual Core (Message 31837)
Posted 29 Nov 2006 by Profile carp
Can BOINC be setup to run one project on one core and a second project on the second core? Does it run more efficiently if it were to operate like this?

Remember, they still share the same floating point resources? Anybody?
7) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Machines sitting Idle (Message 30801)
Posted 8 Nov 2006 by Profile carp
Currently, the project has two types of WUs, some require 256MB memory, some require 512MB. Your machines are hidden, so I can\'t tell. Do you have 256MB of memory?

I for one am unclear exactly how the system handles these memory limitations. Are you getting any messages in BOINC Manager as you attempt to download work? Do you know if a WU was actually downloaded before reporting the message?

I believe BOINC is working on some enhancements to the scheduling to help better accomodate such situations and deliver work that\'s appropriate to the client.

One is 256 the other is 384. The machine with 384 is running on Knoppix Live CD which is probably making it worse. The machine needs a hardrive. I\'m not sure if it actually downloads the WU before the error is given.
8) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Machines sitting Idle (Message 30787)
Posted 7 Nov 2006 by Profile carp
These are machines that don\'t meet the memory requirements for a workunit.

My question: Does this mean there is absolutely no work available that the machine qualifies to run, or does it mean just not qualified to run what happened to be sent to it?
9) Message boards : Number crunching : WU taking long time (Message 26775)
Posted 14 Sep 2006 by Profile carp
Thanks, I\'ll keep an eye on it. Haven\'t run the project in a while.

You\'re right it just jumped to 45% :-)
10) Message boards : Number crunching : WU taking long time (Message 26773)
Posted 14 Sep 2006 by Profile carp
Linux, 2 hour work units on BOINC 5.4.9 Rosetta 5.25. Been running for 41 minutes and work unit at 1.042%
11) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Comments/questions on Rosetta@home journal (Message 11983)
Posted 13 Mar 2006 by Profile carp

When a computer is idle it does use less energy than when it is running at 100%. I remember from FAD a P4 2.4ish computer would use about 60W increase at the wall. Which for a home user isn\'t that much (unless you live in the UK :( ) But times it by a computer suite at say a University, Company or Internet Cafe it get expensive, not just that but noisier (modern day variable fan speeds) and then you have to cool the room ...

And with even newer computer where they drop to even lower energy usages while idle the difference get greater. So while you and I think it\'s a good idea, it does cost a lot extra in the end to run this program just in electricity costs. Never mind bandwidth costs and problems.

The price of electic is cheap in my area. I pay less than 6 cents USD per kilowatt hour. For the company I work at, a 60W changed at the wall is only going to cost them, a multibillion dollar company(lots of cash), 60K a year + any change in cooling. We have a long period of cooler weather on the south shore of Lake Erie. If the machines warm the buildings it just means the building heat runs less. Hot summer weather is short. I\'m not saying it\'s not a big pill to swallow for a company, but for a health insurance company that wants to lower premiums for it\'s policy holders(mutual company), a much smaller pill to swallow. Reduce the CPU run time to 12 hours and ~half the cost.

12) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Comments/questions on Rosetta@home journal (Message 11823)
Posted 9 Mar 2006 by Profile carp
Recruitment Ideas.

Send a letter and information packet to CEOs\', CFOs\', I.T officers of all the health insurance companies(Life, etc), and these companies cracking down on lifestyle choices of their employees. Any of them that can\'t find a way to get you some CPU power are just hypocrits. They are always tooting the horn of lowering health insurance costs through better habits, excercise, diet, excercise, etc. So giving up some CPU to find new, better, and cheaper therapies should make a nice fit for them and give them another reason to toot their own horn.

I work in a company of over 2500. Many of the machines are idle most the day and left on at night. Even 10% of total CPUs is something. And yes it is one of those target companies. I just haven\'t had any luck with getting them on the bandwagon.

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