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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta 4.1+ and 4.2+ (Message 90590)
Posted 28 Mar 2019 by hoarfrost
Got new 4 tasks. All completed and validated successfully. Problem that noted previously - did not happen, but only 4 tasks crunched simultaneosuly. Could you generate new bunch of tasks but send 1 or 2 tasks per device, or limit the number of tasks run on device depending on it's RAM?

Thank you for science!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Rosetta 4.1+ and 4.2+ (Message 90450)
Posted 27 Feb 2019 by hoarfrost

Doing compute on Samsung A5 (2016) [host 3576143] in parallel with World Community Grid (OpenZika). Long time (more than one month) compute Open Zika without any problems on all cores of Exynos 7580 (8 cores ARM Cortex A-53, 1.6 GHz, but real frequency depends of temperature) and 2 Gb RAM.

In first set of Rosetta 4.1 Android tasks from 24 items - 16 completed successfully and 8 failed at final stages of computing (run time of failed tasks near the run time of successful tasks). Response of smartphone GUI got close to 1 or even 2 seconds. After reduce of number of CPU consumed by BOINC from 8 to 7, GUI response return to small latency and next 20 tasks - completed successfully, but sometimes BOINC stops the computing. Now, with computing on 7 cores, about 260 - 300 Mb RAM is free. May be problems with tasks in first set were caused by insufficiently of RAM?

Another problem - tasks form Rosetta@Home placed in queue before any WGC tasks and occupy all available for BOINC cores (7 vs 0, instead of 3+4 or 4+3). If it had not happened, RAM consumption may be decrease and I can use all cores for computing and would not face the problem of stopping calculations.

Thank you for new application! With best wishes!
3) Questions and Answers : Getting started : Phantom work units? (Message 8543)
Posted 7 Jan 2006 by hoarfrost
Now, in my results list I see nine tasks. But on my computer - only six! BOINC 5.2.2.
What I should make for receiving this tasks?

I have this feature in Einstein@Home and "beat it" installation of BOINC 4.45, which refresh tasks list.

But I can not using BOINC 4.45 in this case because i don't receive Account Key and join to project in BOINC 5.2.2 on login(e-mail) & password. When I unistall 5.2.2 and install 4.45 it show me a error message about attaching to project with account key.

I not sure on 100%, but in other situation, when I don't receive message from CPDN support of e-mail server say me that problem consist in not full conformity of server that send message, to SMTP standards.

Excuse me please, if my English is not right. :)

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