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Posted 3 Aug 2014 by Gallstone
Puuuuh, my four overdue tasks have uploaded now. It dragged, it really dragged, but finally it worked.

In three of the four cases I still got points because I uploaded the task before my successor. Only in one case my successor passed by me and I got no points.


OK, everybody learned something out of it, hopefully.

One advice on technical staff: if possible please treat incoming data with higher priority than outgoing data, just like in normal life, give higher priority to older unfinished processes/tasks/jobs/duties before caring about newer ones. Alternatively leave a certain amount of network connections reserved to incoming (result) data.

Now, I want to apologize for my hefty statement lately, I just was a little pissed yesterday.
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Posted 2 Aug 2014 by Gallstone
There is no other way to say it but operators don't care about us users on rosetta!

My tasks that I wanted to upload for half a week, now are officially overdue.

The crazy thing is: these tasks have been reissued to other volunteer crunchers, which is a completely sensless thing, because these users will also crunch and may also not be able to upload their tasks. It is abolutely useless to deliver new tasks or reissue "unreplied" tasks where as not "accepting" older, completed tasks. This is like pouring in water into a bathtub and not caring wether water may be able to drain. That's noting else than a programmed catastrophy. It may even be better to completely shut down the project for a few days rather than permanently sending but not receiving tasks. If as I read, network configuration limit the number of network connections it may also be, that outgoing transmissions block out ingoing transmissions.

And you kow what? Project leaders are not caring. They are out of town in a conference? What? In a project as large as this, capable technical staff should be at their workplace at usual office hours minimum.


I'm not usually using expletives in a forum but it is absolutely necessary to do so now to get into the heads of the project staff.

And again DAMNED!

This is a project with low credits and ultra high data transmission rates which may criple someones transmission limits, also using a lot of electric power paid by the crunchers and then coming up with that kind of a nonchalance, it is disgusting!
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems and Technical Issues with Rosetta@home (Message 77195)
Posted 1 Aug 2014 by Gallstone
Upload not possible for me too. Therefore question:

How about deadlines? I have 4 completed tasks ready for upload, but deadline is Aug 2, 16:09 UTC. If the problem isn't solved by then, will deadlines be extended? Or will those tasks receive scores even if uploaded beyond deadline?

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