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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Problen downloading work tasks. (Message 107848)
Posted 18 Dec 2022 by TheFiend
I had the stuck downloading issue too. On Windows x64. I updated my Bonic manager to 7.20.2 and it cleared up the downloading problem. I had been 7.16.11

-ken c

I've had 1 system getting WU and 2 others with stalled downloads. The stalled downloads were on earlier versions of BOINC whereas the other system was a recent build. Now all updated to 7.20.2 and all now crunching!!!
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Discussion of the merits and challenges of using GPUs (Message 102222)
Posted 15 Jul 2021 by TheFiend
Nice news ... glad to be able to assit in fighting Corona ...

By the way: Any chance that we will get GPU appications, too ?

It's hard to see my CPU struggle at 89°C while my NVIDIA RTX 2080super is on half-astronomic diet, munching away Milkywa@home workunits in 2'30" each while crunching Folding@home in parallel.


WCG has a working GPU app for Covid workunits... I'm running both WCG and Rosetta on my 3 crunchers

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