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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Moderated messages moved here (Message 8621)
Posted 9 Jan 2006 by koldphuzhun
There was no annoncement that new moderators had been assigned. It did seem too much of a coincidence that the 'Moderator7' account was created the same day the Mr. Bill said he would split himself into two accounts - one for moderating and one for posting- and the project people were still on holidays.

Interesting. Sounds like the perfect setup for a conspiracy theory. Come on out Ghost7! We know who you are, where you are, what you're doing and how to post the news where no one will read or care about it!

Actually, this is a perfect example of what I like to call a "Dynamic Project" (SETI). Things change from day to day and many changes don't need to be announced. Just like getting a new forum moderator. Why announce that? Why not setup a page with their life profile detailing the stupid mistakes they made in the first grade. I mean, that would be perfect flame material. But this ghost, which just happens to be the ghost of bills (plural) past, doesn't seem to have any of that. Odd. I thought that everyone had to know/post everything about everything pertaining to them or the project (SETI). Well, looks like you'll be shooting in the dark on this one. This ghost might be hard to hit, and might actually hit back. Oh, and watch out for the dynamics. They might change something in the project (like the names of the project files). This will of course anger many millions of people and this projects processing power will jump down to the few KHz of the TI-83 Silver Edition in some guys basement. Such a loss. Maybe then they won't need these ghosts anymore...
My issue is with someone who we've never seen or heard of before, don't know if they are part of the project staff or not, giving un-attributed information about credit granting - which IS a big deal to a lot of people. It would have benn very easy to quote the emails (I guess they are emails, since the posts can't be located) the first time and the post would have been accepted at face value.

Some nobody posting non-backed information about something as earth-shatteringly important to people as the cure to cancer, the fountain of youth, and let's not forget the absolute most important thing in the world, sliced bread, should obviously be ignored since they know absolutely nothing about anything. But, because the dynamics about the scoring system are changing, millions will now spontaneously explode, meteor showers will happen for 5 days straight, and Y2K will come back to haunt us as Y2K(06 edition): The disaster where everybody's watch reported a different time. Quick man, we all better beef up our emergency kits for a couple months, set our queues to maximum so our boxes keep crunching til the earth explodes, and hide until Enterprise D comes and saves us. Oh, somebody better back up our stats too so we don't lose those. Life's just not worth living (cures and all) without stats.

This post is purely for fun only. Lighten up people. And smile. That goes a long ways towards curing some of these diseases we're crunching for.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Moderated messages moved here (Message 8580)
Posted 8 Jan 2006 by koldphuzhun
And where are these posts? Not on the Home Page or Technical News, or anywhere else I can find.

Why wouldn't David or David post themselves? Why have this anonymous 'channeler' thing going on? At the very least, why not attribute the information to the source as you did after being prompted?

What's the problem Angus? Do you hate not knowing what you're shooting flames at? Scared it might get you or your team in trouble? All of a sudden someone shows up with some new and pertinent info, and you get all jumpy and scared about what they're presenting. You act as if you've seen a ghost.
Who is this? How are you getting this info?

Either a ghost or an anonymous phone call. Personally, I like the concept of anonymous forum moderators (for namesake, I'll refer to them as "ghosts"). When the ghosts are running the board, they can get in there, make things smooth and get out. When the forums are running smooth, information runs smooth. When information runs smooth, crunching runs smooth. When crunching runs smooth, a project accomplishes what it was set out to do. The simple fact that you can't know about what you're flaming is somewhat exciting. I like watching people squirm. I don't think the Ghostbusters are going to help with this one. And to ghost #7 and others, keep up the good work. Let's make this place run and keep the instigators running.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Only one computer per wu? no checks? (Message 8577)
Posted 8 Jan 2006 by koldphuzhun
Ok. Here's a kicker that gets me baffled. Here's the factors:

All that and they're still running an out of date version of Rosetta? WCG is running Rosetta 4.22 while my main Rosetta is running 4.81. Am I missing something here or is IBM actually behind the times in something? Makes no sense to me.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Lost workunit (Message 8250)
Posted 3 Jan 2006 by koldphuzhun
Hey everyone (specifically project admins)! I have a problem. I recently had to replace my BOINC directory with a backup I had of it. This was at the expense of an optimized client I had for SETI. Luckily, it was a successful recovery and everything works fine. Unluckily, Rosetta downloaded a workunit and queued it before I replaced the directory. So, is there any way to get the server to send me that workunit again? Or is that one just screwed? If it can't be sent specifically to me, is there anyway to get it requeued and sent to someone else?
5) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Fighting malaria and HIV (Message 7383)
Posted 23 Dec 2005 by koldphuzhun
And suddenly it all makes sense. That's really cool stuff to know. It makes a person feel like it's really close to happening. Thanks for the explainations and stuff. It's nice to know what's going on behind the scenes sometimes. Hope all our numbers help quick.
6) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Fighting malaria and HIV (Message 7259)
Posted 22 Dec 2005 by koldphuzhun
Ok. Some stuff is cleared up there. But what I'm still wondering is back to my first question. How does one get a snapshot of the viral proteins? You say it's "large and squishy". I see in court cases these guys bringing in this big white sheet of something that has a whole ton of light and dark marks on it, a DNA sample from somebody. If they do that with that, is there something similar with HIV? I can see where a person getting all these "snapshots" would soon see the weak points and know what to target so that question is answered. And so, if we have these "snapshots" and know where the weak points are "from year to year, and strain to strain", what exactly are we crunching and how does it benefit in making a vaccine?
7) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Fighting malaria and HIV (Message 7139)
Posted 22 Dec 2005 by koldphuzhun
Maybe I'm just out in the dark here, but then again, I'm no geneticist. But how does one get this structure from a virus? And in getting this structure, how is one not able to see the commonalities between samples? I can understand that somewhere there is this beyond extreme amount of data that needs to be crunched. But to me it's just like a photographer taking pictures of an actor. No matter what the actor dresses in, the photographer can eventually notice that in each picture, the eyes are still green or there's a mole that doesn't cover up. I know I'm wrong in my thought processes, so somebody PLEASE educate me.

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