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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Long Running WU Error (Message 76069)
Posted 28 Sep 2013 by terencewee*

4x WUs with the same Error:
sin_cos_range ERROR: 1.#QNAN00 is outside of [-1,+1] sin and cos value legal range

All with the WU name aa_t20s_reg_shift.4.1A_1pma_fit_
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Project File Upload Handler Is Missing (Message 69085)
Posted 9 Jan 2011 by terencewee*
I humbly ask members not to detach from R@H - but to set BOINC to not get new tasks from R@H until the present file-upload problem got resolved.

In the meantime, maybe members can consider helping out other projects.

I have got machines crunching CPU WUs for R@H & SETI and GPU WUs for SETI, Collatz, DNetC and Milky. When 1 project got problems, the spare resources automatically go to WUs of another project. I can further control resource share ratio in my project account page.

The recent problems faced by the project are regrettable. Despite all good intention/maintenance by sys-admins, sometime hardware failure happens. Redundancies are good - however when you don't have it, you can't spare *that* $20.

We are donating our resources/support to R@H as we believe in the project's cause – agree?


edit: R@H is still the least problematic project IMHO.

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