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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Sony plugs PS3 into folding@home (Message 38082)
Posted 21 Mar 2007 by Aaron Finney
For GPU clients, we have two big names.. ATI and nVidia - with ranges of cards with different GPUs with different abilities and different amounts of ram present on the video cards.

If it was easy to write GPU clients, then F@H's nVidia client would be available - instead of their giving up and developing an ATI client first that's still in Beta. (And a pain to setup.. now thinking I've got multiple video cards in a system I was Beta testing it on.)

That's because NVidia doesn't have the FPP that ATI allows on their x1900 version and later cards. Nor does NVidia provide a Software Development Kit, and a Strategic Team you can contact to help develop, deploy and maintain your Distributed Computing Project. ATI does.

ATI has made it extremely easy for you to make your own GPU apps.
2) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Rosetta@Home mentioned at CES 2007 by INTEL (Message 37361)
Posted 4 Mar 2007 by Aaron Finney
Um, yeah, he is...

Well then there ya go.
3) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Rosetta@Home mentioned at CES 2007 by INTEL (Message 37354)
Posted 4 Mar 2007 by Aaron Finney
it's one of Who?'s machines - theres a link to the discussion about it here in the number crunching thread somewhere...

According to INTEL, it was a machine built *by them* specifically to show off an 8 core machine using 'off the shelf' parts just FOR CES 2007.

Unless Who? is actually Francois Piednoel of INTEL's Benchmarking team, then I doubt it's one of his.
4) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Rosetta@Home mentioned at CES 2007 by INTEL (Message 37242)
Posted 28 Feb 2007 by Aaron Finney

Check that photo out.

You'll see it in this tomshardware article located here....

Click this link to go to Toms Hardware!
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Discussion of project communication (Message 24634)
Posted 24 Aug 2006 by Aaron Finney
I would discuss project communication, but at the moment, it appears that there isn't any.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Something tells me I'm not amused with the new creditsystem. (Message 24622)
Posted 24 Aug 2006 by Aaron Finney
The new system isn't live yet. . . it's still using the old credits.

Edit: I was incorrect in this post, I hadn't checked my email. My apologies.

Maybe if the powers that be would give more warning to all of us, this wouldn't happen. Seems pretty pathetic that even the staff didn't know it was going live. What a great day for communications skills.
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Report work units with unusual amount of credits granted (Message 24620)
Posted 24 Aug 2006 by Aaron Finney
This thread is supposed to be a collecting point of work units, which got an unusual amount of credits granted.

It has a similar function like the "Report Problems with Rosetta Version XXX" thread, where you can report work units which produce an error.

Please don't discuss the credit system as a whole in this thread, just report the work unit, for which you think the granted credits are inappropriate.

Rosetta shouldn't be your testing ground. You have RALPH for that.

If what you are saying is that the credit system you implemented with NO WARNING, still needs more testing....

I fear for this project.
8) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : To David : World AIDS Conference (Message 22711)
Posted 17 Aug 2006 by Aaron Finney
Is there anyone from your team in Toronto at the moment at the World AIDS Conference?

No, but Bill Schief will be presenting our approach to vaccine design at a meeting in Amsterdam later this month.

ahhh.. sadly, I won't be there. My group works mostly with medical trials and currently have no late stage vaccine trials.

Some very bad news for vaccines we've been told at this conference, superinfection seems to be taking place much more commonly then previously thought.

How would your approach circumvent superinfection?
9) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : To David : World AIDS Conference (Message 22411)
Posted 13 Aug 2006 by Aaron Finney
Is there anyone from your team in Toronto at the moment at the World AIDS Conference?
10) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Winner gets what? (Message 12168)
Posted 17 Mar 2006 by Aaron Finney
What does the top prediction get each day?

Extra Credit?

A free Ensure Protein shake?

What's in it for them?
11) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC service & P4's (Message 12015)
Posted 14 Mar 2006 by Aaron Finney
You may want to check that windows is granting permissions properly for BOINC to communicate on these systems.

Also - make sure that the HT settings are properly set and enabled in both hardware and software.

If they are running on an identical windows image, then it would be fairly easy to write this off as a problem with the image. - How was it created? What settings did you use?
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Is something markedly different with the newer WUs? (Message 11800)
Posted 9 Mar 2006 by Aaron Finney
If one spammer working from his living room can send out hundreds of thousands of emails several times a day, one bulk emailing informing users of the change would not have been hard to do.

First, your original post was dated March 3rd. If you checked the news on the front page, you would see that a default runtime was initiated to alleviate several bugs in the software (Most notably - stuck workunits, 1% bug.. etc), and free up communication time on the network.

As the rate of work has varied at times from between 1 hour to 14 hours on even VERY fast systems, the change to force work to a stable run time was a key component to several bugfixes. Since the runtime was at times more and at times less than 8 hours, a public notification would not be, and is not nessacery.

The fact that you are noticing this distinct change is indicative of our success in fixing several bugs within the software, and as indicated WHEN YOU JOINED the project, applications will change without notice, as this is one of the underlying features of the BOINC system. Such changes to the science application can and WILL affect the runtime of work. For a further explanation, you can consult the BOINC-WIKI, as I will not extrapolate further on key features of the BOINC core program itself.

Rosetta is not the only project that has varied the runtime of it's workunits. LHC workunit runtimes have changed significantly several times in the past. Even the SETI program is about to complete a major change to it's application which will increase computation runtime from ~1 hour to about 30+ hours. Nobody sent out a mass email from LHC, and nobody will be sending out a mass email from the SETI department either. This is how BOINC works. BOINC will intelligently decrease the number of workunits that you download from each project to compensate for the increased runtime. Your computer will always compute according to your resource share specifications. As such - The amount of work your BOINCMGR requests will be altered as soon as it realizes that the runtime for the rosetta project averages a different length. This means that the impact on user's work committance is completely negligible.

I hope that this explains some portions of BOINC that you are obviously unfamiliar with. So that you are not caught off guard by other functions of the BOINC infrastructure, I suggest that you read through the BOINC-WIKI, or the next time you attach to the project - read the about section.

If the software is changed or the methodology has changed and it is up to me to make a modification, an email to me would have alerted me.

If this is how your needs are arranged then there is no reason to have BOINC on your system. Period. This is not how BOINC is designed, nor will it ever be. The project managers will have a need to change the science applications at a moments notice to make bugfixes, changes to the scientific code, switching algorythims, goals, etc... - Not to mention, this action is embossed in the about section on every project I have ever attached to. If you have not taken the time to read the about section on a website you are downloading software from, of which you are allowing to run on your computer 24/7 without your intervention.... I fear for you.
13) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : Which project is most useful?? (Message 11228)
Posted 23 Feb 2006 by Aaron Finney

You'll see the poll on the right.

I of course, voted on Rosetta.
14) Message boards : Cafe Rosetta : It was time to leave, it was no particular person - Paul D. Buck (Message 10234)
Posted 30 Jan 2006 by Aaron Finney

I have no idea if you even think of me as a familiar face, but We've been around BOINC since the beginning you and I. You have ALWAYS been an asset to any project or forum you participate in. I know it can be disheartening to deal with the myriad complaints and seemingly pointless and AGONIZINGLY ENDLESS "boinc sucks" discussions. I myself don't have the patience or the energy for it and I know it can be SO F'N emotionally and spiritually draining!

Countless times, I've wanted to reach through the monitor and smack people or strangle them.. or worse. In general, you have always been one to contribute with one common goal in mind and that was "How can this work better for BOINC?". Your selfless concern with the project has been a boon to all those involved and I don't know if my opinion even means much to you, but I commend you.

Rosetta is one of those projects, where there has been ALOT of new people added QUICK; However, it is also a project that I hold dear to me due to it's scientific value. The project managers, and staff for this project have been absolutely astounding in their efforts to keep it's users happy. It REALLY IS a shame that you choose to leave here simply because of the n00b's on the forum, but I can understand your need to have a slight departure from the people who before they even join a project or BOINC itself they've decided they hate everything about it. I don't blame you at all. I too have left Predictor for teething problems with it and those who operate it. No doubt about it, I've got a large choice finger for the people at scripps.

About the issue at hand? - NO this should not be and never will be FADII. Yes, there will always be those who say "FAD was better", and for their purposes - maybe it was? However, this is Rosetta. FAD is GONE, and those people who think they can ressurrect whatever dead project they came from (seti classic, FAD, FAAH, etc..) need to move the f&*^ on. I also agree with you wholeheartedly that there doesn't need to be an "announcements" forum. I think it's stupid (forgive me whoever's brainchild this was) to make an announcement forum when there is a news feed on the home page. Simply having a forum won't make more announcements. Although I guess it's a place where you could go to discuss the news? *shrugs*

Do know, that I am not the only one with this opinion. Alot of times, if I see that you're holding an argument well, I stay out of the discussion! Not because I don't agree with you - but because I know you can argue it much better than I. I'm sure that anyone who has been around values your input, and participation. Especially peeps like us that've been around since "prehistoric beta". Remember the days when all BOINC did was the UPPERCASE application? hahahaha.. How far we've come!

Who the hell am I to ask, but please promise me that a couple weeks, or months from now, you'll take a moment to at least reevaluate your departure?
15) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Screensaver needs to be more fluid please (Message 9100)
Posted 15 Jan 2006 by Aaron Finney
[quote]Moving by only a few pixels every 10 minutes is all that would be required to lightly protect a screen.quote]

Well as screen burn no longer really exsists anymore why would the screensaver need to move lightly to protect the screen??

because screen burn DOES still exist.
16) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Screensaver needs to be more fluid please (Message 8504)
Posted 6 Jan 2006 by Aaron Finney
If as a consolation, perhaps the movements could be much more subtle.

Moving by only a few pixels every 10 minutes is all that would be required to lightly protect a screen.

I agree that the gyrating screen saver of SETI@Home is a little "disco-ball" like for me, but something here absolutely has to be done.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Xeon Performance (Message 8432)
Posted 5 Jan 2006 by Aaron Finney

The p4 mobile isn't the same chip as a pentium M. --snip!--

Check his active computers. He has one 1400Mhz processor and it's a Pentium M.
18) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Screensaver needs to be more fluid please (Message 8426)
Posted 5 Jan 2006 by Aaron Finney
Hi. I know that we should be happy to even HAVE a screen saver, but is there a chance you could make the immobile portions move around a bit?

I know that screen burn-in is largely a thing of the past, but almost every other project that has graphics has implemented a graphic that moved completely :)

19) Message boards : Number crunching : Xeon Performance (Message 8357)
Posted 4 Jan 2006 by Aaron Finney

I'm relatively new to DC, and am trying to optimize my computers. Right now my P4 Mobile 1.4GHz 512MB is out-benchmarking my P4 Xeon 2.4 Ghz HT 4GB computer in floating point, and nearly 3:1 in integer. Is there something I'm doing wrong with my Xeon, or is that just how things are?


The Pentium M is quite a processor. Yes, that's just the way things are! Sorry to hear about your Xeon.
20) Message boards : Rosetta@home Science : Problem with switching mid WU failing 90-100% of work (Message 8338)
Posted 4 Jan 2006 by Aaron Finney
Yes, there is a bug being hunted as we type ...

You can avoid it in MOST cases by setting "Leave applications in memory" to YES, and updating the project.

Yeah.. I can't do that.. too many machines, not enough seperate preferences. :(

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