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Posted 30 Aug 2009 by Brakspear
Brakspear, I see your machine has the suggested minimum 512MB of memory. These ddg_predictions tasks seem to be using a lot of memory as compared to other tasks. I just started one on my own machine and it needed 512MB within the first 2 minutes. after 20 minutes it is over 800MB.

Yes. For your case, I would suggest you simply abort that task. It appears to be one of those with "ddg_predictions" in the name and these seem to be at least consuming more memory then your machine has (which will cause a lot of swapping), and perhaps having other problems as well.

Thanks for that. I've aborted the problematic ddg_predictions task and everything is now working OK again. I'll watch out for these types of tasks in future and cancel them if necessary. I've been thinking about a memory upgrade anyway, so maybe someday I'll install an extra 2GB of RAM and then won't have any issues. Thanks again for your quick response.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Newbie Q&A, if you're new, have a view! (Message 63074)
Posted 29 Aug 2009 by Brakspear
I've been running Rosetta for a month or so and until recently everything worked OK, with tasks being downloaded, processed and reported correctly. However for the last few days when the screensaver comes on I get no pictures of the proteins (they used to display correctly) and the status always says 'initialising', even after several hours of CPU time. I haven't made any changes to my preferences in the BOINC manager, so what's happened? Do I need to abort the current tasks and get new ones?

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