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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.59 (Message 40177)
Posted 2 May 2007 by genes
Found graphics hung on this WU: resultid=76205644
Exited BOINC using Task Mgr, restarted.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.59 (Message 39909)
Posted 26 Apr 2007 by genes
I am seeing Rosetta WU\'s crashing the graphics again. This after a long period of working very nicely. Running with BOINC 5.9.4 on winXP. Have to disable the screensaver in order to keep my machines from locking up. When locked up, I can usually do a ctrl-alt-del to get the task manager and/or show the taskbar and see that a Rosetta WU is running. Closing the BOINC mgr, then exiting the BOINC process gives back full control, then I can start all over.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.43 (Message 33291)
Posted 23 Dec 2006 by genes
Thanks, genes; I\'ve reset to 2 CPU, it\'s still only running 1 WU but it hasn\'t done a request for work in a while, it just stopped and ran benchmarks, then went back to the single task it was working. Maybe in a while I\'ll raise it to 4, if it doesn\'t get another task at the next request for work.

You can click the \"projects\" tab on the manager, select Rosetta (although it looks like that\'s all you\'re running), and click the \"update\" command. Boinc will then contact the Rosetta website and get your updated info. (It doesn\'t know you\'ve changed the preferences until you \"update\".) It will(should) then get more work.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.43 (Message 33245)
Posted 23 Dec 2006 by genes
I don\'t know what the default is. Perhaps it is the number of processors you have (the Boinc client tests your machine when you install it). I think you would have to create a new user account and then look at the setting to really know what the default is.

Once you\'ve changed it, however, your preference will be used for all projects you attach to, assuming that you use the same email/password for each. I tried setting it to zero for my \"school\" preferences, down from 2, but it went to 1 instead. So I guess zero is not a valid choice.

If you have several machines, with differing number of processors on each, it doesn\'t hurt to specify the largest number of processors you might want to use. This number is an \"at most\", not an \"at least\", so if you only have 2 processors, setting it to 4 won\'t cause a problem.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.43 (Message 33222)
Posted 23 Dec 2006 by genes
On multiprocessors, use at most 1 processors

This line would appear to be the culprit. Boinc will run one WU per processor on a multiprocessor/hyperthreaded machine, up to the limit that you set in this preference. Since you set it to one, you will only run one WU at a time from any project.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 33012)
Posted 21 Dec 2006 by genes
7) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32616)
Posted 14 Dec 2006 by genes
genes (and all)

5.8.0 has been released (to testing) since this would be what we call the Release Candidate in the Windows world it should certainly be usable.*

It also contains the fixes I was trying to give you genes, so at least this one should work. (screensaver/graphics stop start etc fixes.)

(note to anyone else reading this, 5.9.x series now has autoupdate functions getting added, at long last.)

*of course like most thing in the windows world that are near release or even after release, there are probably bugs, lol.

The broken 5.8.0 installer has been fixed, and the new version is available at Fluffy\'s link. I\'ve got it running now.
8) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32600)
Posted 13 Dec 2006 by genes
Fluffy, thanks for the heads-up. I will give it a go momentarily.


No Joy!!! I must have downloaded a bad copy. It has failed on two machines so far. After I get to the last dialog and click next to install, I get the error message:

Internal Error 2721. CAValidateSetupType

I\'ll try the download again.

Edit: new download on another machine fails also. I tried Shared installation (what I always do) and also single-user, since it is recommended. Both fail the same way.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32440)
Posted 11 Dec 2006 by genes
Well, today the machine has been behaving itself, mainly due to the fact that I ran out of Rosetta/Ralph work. I got some LHC! There was no crashing running a mix of CPDN, LHC, QMC and Einstein, with some Spinhenge thrown in for good measure. Still running 5.7.5 CC, I saw it do its \"screensaver shutting down\" thing once (while NOT running Rosetta), but it doesn\'t crash and can be woken up normally.

Now, I have a Rosetta, and the LHC\'s are done. As long as I keep using the machine it should behave itself. I think I\'ll turn off the screensaver before I go to bed, so it\'ll finish.

Meanwhile, the Pentium M (single-threaded) laptop has been running Rosetta/Ralph all weekend with no problems, and I wiggle the mouse occasionally to wake it up and make it go through the screensaver cycle.

10) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32377)
Posted 10 Dec 2006 by genes
*Sigh* Still no joy, Fluffy. I\'m having the beer, though!
11) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32352)
Posted 9 Dec 2006 by genes
genes, I have no idea why it does not work, it has worked on all of mine so far...
The only thing i loose is the XP theming. Guess I missed some option somewhere.

Well, thanks for your efforts, I guess I\'ll just wait for 5.7.6 to come out officially :-)

Edit -- wait, wait, another try? OK, sure I\'ll bite. I\'ll have the beer ready, though, just in case. ACK. I can see the address your link is pointing to, but when I click it, I get a 404. (your \"standard compile\" link from before still works, though)
12) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32346)
Posted 9 Dec 2006 by genes
As an additional piece of info, the NVidia vs. ATI testing that I\'ve been conducting in the middle of this has shown no clear winner. Both cards run the graphics just fine on all my current projects, though my list is by no means complete. Rosetta/Ralph screensaver graphics will crash equally well on either. I had though that maybe one vendor\'s OpenGL library might be more bulletproof than another\'s, but both seem to act similarly. If anything, the ATI can get its display settings messed up when the crash happens, making it difficult to impossible to read the screen. This may be a problem with the particular driver version I\'m using, though, and not the card itself. I\'ve been using 6-11_xp-2k_dd_37616, downloaded from AMD/ATI just a couple of days ago. For NVidia, I\'m using 93.71, their current release.
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32344)
Posted 9 Dec 2006 by genes
Feet1st, when you say it\'s been set to run on only one CPU, do you mean BOINC is only using one CPU, or did you turn off Hyperthreading in the BIOS? (I\'m assuming from the rest of your post that it\'s BOINC that is only using one CPU.) I think BOINC will only run one project, but if the project is multithreaded (multiprocess, actually, and the screensaver is a different process)it can use both halves of your CPU.

When you do ctrl-alt-del can you see the taskbar? If so, you should be able to right-click on the BOINC icon and select \"exit\", which will not cause the WU to be lost. You will, however, revert to that last checkpoint on whatever you were running.

Now, interestingly, a processor with no hyperthreading doesn\'t seem to have problems. It must, however, divvy up its single thread between the rosetta app and the graphics, time-slicing them. A hyperthreaded or dual processor can run both simultaneously. Perhaps there is something in the Rosetta app or graphics that is not thread-safe.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32340)
Posted 9 Dec 2006 by genes
Hi Fluffy,

OK, trying it again -- using the \"standard compile\" version. This also has boincmgr.exe. Your sse2 link is broken at the moment. Installing over 5.7.5 as before, and of course, I\'ve shut down Boinc completely, verified that no Boinc-related processes are still running, and renamed all the original files as a backup.
Nope, no joy. Here is what it says:

\"C:\\Program Files\\BOINC\\boincmgr.exe\"

\"This application has failed to start because the application configuration is incorrect. Reinstalling the application may fix this problem.\"
The original 5.7.5 files are back in place and everything works again. My system is a Dual Xeon 3.06GHz (Prestonia) with HT enabled. Supports MMX, SSE, SSE2. I don\'t know if that is incompatible with what you are building.

This is the system in question.
15) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32326)
Posted 9 Dec 2006 by genes
Thanks, Fluffy, I will install 5.7.5 again and substitute your .exe\'s. We\'ll see how this goes.

This morning, BTW, I found the machine completely frozen, not even the Power button would work (except, of course, to hold it for 5 seconds until the machine shut off). When restarted, there were two Ralph WU\'s in the queue, along with the ever-present CPDN and an Einstein and a Spinhenge. I\'ll have an opportunity perhaps to see if this helps when the Spinhenge finishes soon.
Edit: Tried it -- the BoincMgr immediately errors out, perhaps a version mismatch. Boinc.exe by itself also errors out. No actual Boinc activity here, just a Windows message box. I\'ll continue running with 5.7.5 for now.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32310)
Posted 9 Dec 2006 by genes
I had this happen this morning: the screensaver was running, QMC was being displayed. It was nearly finished, about 99.7% done (just a few minutes to go) when its 10 minute time slice was up. The next graphics to show were Rosetta (I think it was actually Ralph, but 5.41 as well). For a couple of minutes, all went well, then the QMC WU finished, and the Rosetta graphics froze.

I was able to get control of the machine with ctrl-alt-del to get the task manager and also the taskbar showed up. I selected the Boinc Manager from the taskbar and clicked Close, then I went to the system tray and closed the Boinc CC. After restarting Boinc, the Ralph/Rosetta WU did not error out, but it restarted from the beginning. Sometimes I can\'t get control back, and I just have to hit the Power button. This also will keep the Rosetta WU from erroring out and it will go back to the last checkpoint or restart.

The interesting thing here is that Rosetta graphics froze when the Boinc CC had to deal with a different project finishing, then it had to start up a new WU. I run a lot of Spinhenge, and these WU\'s are short -- usually only 35 minutes. This gives a lot of opportunities for Rosetta to crash on my system. I\'m running Boinc CC version 5.6.5 currently, waiting for 5.7.6 which is supposed to have a fix in this area.

Edit - Rosetta graphics seem to run fine on the Pentium M laptop. No other projects running.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32247)
Posted 8 Dec 2006 by genes
I\'m running CC 5.6.5 on all my machines. I tried 5.7.2 and 5.7.5 for a while, but had screensaver issues not just with Rosetta, but with all projects. Here\'s what would happen: normally, the graphics would change at 10 minute intervals, but at some point (before its 10 minute time slice was up), the graphics would disappear and be replaced with the default BOINC graphic saying \"screensaver shutting down\", or something like that. Then, at the end of what would have been the 10 minute period, the next graphic would appear, but only for a few seconds, to be pre-empted again by the same \"shutting down\" message. I don\'t know if this bug fix will help Rosetta specifically, but it may make the 5.7 series usable. I\'ll certainly give it a try.

I now have 3 single-threaded machines (2 desktops, 1 laptop) attached to Rosetta, we\'ll see if they have problems. All have NVidia cards with various driver versions except my one here at home with the ATI card I\'m testing. I\'ve seen a few graphics freezes with the ATI (not all of which ended the WU), so I guess that isn\'t likely to help solve it.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Report Rosetta screensaver problems here (Message 32195)
Posted 7 Dec 2006 by genes
I\'ve also been having problems with the screensaver graphics, but I\'ve been reporting them in the 5.41 problems thread (just noticed this one). I do have a machine which runs the graphics and has no problems, it happens to have a single-core, non-HT processor in it. Perhaps this is significant. I\'ll try to get more of these on Rosetta to see if that works as a rule.

I was just thinking, doesn\'t BOINC use OpenGL for the graphics? Why would the DirectX version you have installed make any difference?
19) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.41 (Message 32193)
Posted 7 Dec 2006 by genes
Here\'s an interesting note -- the graphics-related errors that I\'ve been having lately are all on machines (3 of them) that are multi-core and/or HT. (One is dual-core, one is dual-processor/dual-core, and one is dual-processor with HT.) I have a single-processor, non-HT machine which doesn\'t seem to have any problem.

{edit: the multi-core systems all run more than one project at a time, and when the graphics are running switch between them on a 10 minute cycle}

Crashed results:

Machines involved:

Machines not having errors:

hostid=309219 is the same type of machine as hostid=13228 (just a little slower), but is used as a server, and screensaver graphics never run on it.

hostid=13228 is the one I\'m currently playing around with different VGA boards and drivers on. I\'m currently trying out ATI boards, I\'ve got an X850XT in it now, and it seems to be running the graphics OK, but the night is young...
(It has a Tyan s2665 mobo, BTW with 2GB of ram)

I started up a laptop today with an NVidia go6800 MXM module in it. It has the 83.60 driver in it, the only one I found that both worked and had decent performance. It was running the graphics OK while I was looking at it, but did not finish any results yet. It has a 2GHz Pentium M in it. This is non-HT, so I\'m not expecting problems. We\'ll see.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Problems with Rosetta version 5.41 (Message 32169)
Posted 6 Dec 2006 by genes
For the ATI cards could you try 6.5 official.
The type of control centre/panel shouldn\'t matter since it is unrelated to the driver.

For NVIDIA I have 97.02 running nicely on my GeForce-Go 5200FX, I\'ll need to check what I have on the other GeForceFX

What motherboard are you using ?

Also make sure you install the latest DirextX Just run it after you install the drivers, it only updates what it needs to update. It is updated noramlly every 2 months so the last update was October.

Thanks Fluffy for the suggestions. I\'m downloading the new DirectX update, and I\'ll try those other drivers later, though the GeForce Go adapters usually need special drivers. I think tonight I\'ll try the other ATI card out and see where it gets me.

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