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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Suppress Minirosetta Windows? (Message 74320)
Posted 14 Nov 2012 by DGG
Note that this is already being discussed and is still unresolved in a previous topic called "3.43 is causing pop-ups". So this discussion should continue there rather than starting a new thread.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : News Rosetta upgraded to 3.43 wrong date (Message 74288)
Posted 14 Nov 2012 by DGG
Instead of being dated November 13th, 2012 the news notice that "software has been updated to 3.43" has a May 16th, 2012 date. It also doesn't have the usual Journal Post header saying its from David.

Also the 3.43 WUs are reported by several people as failing and causing server bottleneck issues.

So when the admins get a timeout from fixing the dying WUs, they might want to update the news section on the web site with the right date and perhaps a new version or fix info.

Thanks ahead of time to the admins for the unending work you do.
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Server problems -- status says ok??? (Message 74286)
Posted 14 Nov 2012 by DGG
Also every 3.43 WU I get is dying with graphics popups and eventually computation errors on both my PCs. This has been reported in the "3.43 is causing popups" post in the Number Crunching Section of the forum.

So I think the server is probably bogged down with all the downloading and uploading invalid 3.43 results. Whether that started when this problem was 1st reported or not, I'm not sure.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : 3.43 is causing pop-ups (Message 74284)
Posted 14 Nov 2012 by DGG
I concur. Both my PCs (both AMDs both Win7-64) worked fine with 3.41. 3.43 is popping up the screen saver graphics in a window when the WU starts to run. You can't close it as it will just reopen again. (I have no screensaver set to run so it's directly opening the graphic in the 3.43 exe.) One for every 3.43 WU. It takes a few seconds to fill the info in and if you try to close it too early Windows 7 will ask you if you want to kill the EXE as it is not responding. Eventually the WU gives a computation error and dies.

Someone needs to look at this as something is seriously wrong with 3.43.

I had to set Rosetta to "No New Tasks" to stop this from killing other projects from running properly.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Newbie Screensaver Question (Message 65951)
Posted 4 May 2010 by DGG
There have been several threads over the last year or so and I and a friend have the same problem (total of 5 very different PCs). You can try all the replace BOINC and your op system and hardware options but you'll find in the end it all comes back to something wrong with Rosetta's code. Do a search on this forum and even Google and you will see this is a common problem for many. Till Rosetta's staff is able to duplicate it (apparently they can't from past posts) it remains a problem for some us. I only occassionally come back to Rosetta now to test the SS and go to other projects each time I see it still doesn't work. So I'm admittedly not a regular here.

It's something that happens to many users here at Rosetta and has received numerous troubleshooting suggestions but it is something in the Rosetta Code as the SSs work fine on other projects. At least on everyone's PC I have seen, including my own three, the Rosetta screen saver or graphics dies at a random point. If you are using only Rosetta as a screensaver it will show only a blank screen when it should show graphics. If you happen to have opened the graphics with the "Show Graphics" button, it will go blank in that window. If you attempt to close that graphics window, Windows (all versions I've tried) will say something along the lines of the app is not responding and click OK to end". The exact message you get varies by which Windows OS you use.

I've stuck my neck out on this issue before and not got anywhere so I suggest if you are having this issue know that many others have this issue with Rosetta SS too and have had for almost a year.

Also note that it doesn't hurt or kill your actual WU progress so it still finishes in most cases.
6) Message boards : Number crunching : "Show Graphics" Not Working (Message 65950)
Posted 4 May 2010 by DGG
I'm not the only one who has this happen all the time only at Rosetta. Others have complained about this on the forums over the last year or so and generally got the same "it's your fault not Rosetta's" or "Why are you using the screensaver..Stop wasting valuable processing time" type of remarks.

Sid: Are you saying you've let the screensaver run all the way through the different types of Rosetta workunits without it going blank? You obviously see that two people just in this post alone have the same issue and yet you discount it as what's wrong with our machines. Do you have some reasoning as why this is happening to others PCs (clearly not on yours)? Yes if it doesn't happen on yours the other claims must be false?

Do a Google search on Rosetta's screensaver and you'll see others that had this problem going back almost a year and finally gave up. I generally don't post here as I'm admittedly not a regular to Rosetta. But I just didn't want this person with the same or very similar issues I and others have had to waste their time doing troubleshooting that amounted to a problem that only exists when using Rosetta's SS.

I admit Rosetta's screensaver is one of the coolest looking on BOINC but it clearly has problems (for I guess only some people since at least one person says it works fine). Since the amount of credit given is ranked 47th of the 49 credit active projects (listed by BOINC Stats) its not worth doing it for the credits, only the science. And with a non-working SS, I and others have chose other projects. This worthy science project has kept me coming back wanting to participate, but I want an active working SS for my projects I choose. So, I come back occassionally to run a workunit in hopes it works and find it still doesn't work. (Just did yesterday and saw the post and so replied.) Every other project I chose to work with has screensavers that run fine on these 3 PCs. ITS NOT A PROBLEM WITH A PATICULAR PC. I'm obviously not the only one who has experienced this.

On my side, it's on 3 very different computers with different operating systems, with completely different software packages installed and 3 different graphics cards. It does it on every single version of BOINC I've tried with Rosetta. Maybe it's only on a paticular Rosetta type of WU but I frankly don't want to go through the many hours necessary to wait to get all the types run through to test if only certain ones do it.

Two of my three systems (about 6 months or so ago) were wiped clean to test the problem without extra software... Windows XP installed in the older Pentium with an ATI X1550 graphics card, and Windows 7 installed on the AMD quad with an NVidia 9800GT. Then just BOINC and Rosetta installed. They still don't run through more than about 25-50% of the workunit without the symptoms listed in my last post. The workunits do finish processing, just without the SS or Show Graphics working.

I also have a friend with two PCs, who wanted to Run Rosetta a few months ago. One is his laptop running Vista and one desktop running XP SP3. It does it on his too. He later replaced Vista with Windows 7 on his laptop and it still has problems with Rosetta's SS. He gave up after being bullied on this forum by some powercrunchers that "he shouldn't be wasting his time with a screensaver". He now does other projects instead. My old, retired work PC (XP SP2) is running BOINC at night and it does it too when I have occassionally tried a Rosetta WU again.

Hence the determination it's a problem in Rosetta's code since no one else's PC I've spoke with fails like this with other projects.

How many people have to say something before this gets treated as a valid report of the problem rather than passed off as "something wrong with your machines"? Maybe it is problem with a paticular Rosetta SS app vs a something else but on this many radically different PCs? I realize that those of us wanting to use the screensaver are probably in a minority but I just would like to see the existing one running. Luckily BOINC has enough other projects to choose that every person can somewhat tailor their experience when problems in a paticular project arises.

Sorry for being so wordy but felt this needed clarifying. Sorry deesy58, I know you were just looking for a solution not to become tied up in a debate. I won't bother anyone here with my opinion on this again...
7) Message boards : Number crunching : "Show Graphics" Not Working (Message 65938)
Posted 3 May 2010 by DGG
If I click on the "Show Graphics" button after selecting either of my running Rosetta tasks, I get a window with a black background and nothing at all inside. If I try to close that window, I receive an error message from Windows XP SP3 that "This program is not responding." When I select the "End Now" button, I am asked to send an error report to Microsoft. Everything else seems to continue running normally. Is this a known problem?


The screensaver or graphics in Rosetta is malfunctioning and has been for many months. (I complained about this bug over 300 days ago). Apparently they're not too concerned about fixing this as it comes up in complaint form on the forums every so often without any resolution. I stop back in about every month to run a work unit to see if it's fixed. It's still not after many months.

I've seen it happen in Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 both 32-bit and 64-bit. I've had it malfunction in all 3 of my PCs and using either NVidia or ATI video cards. It does it in all versions of the BOINC Manager software. It's a bug in the Rosetta applications.

It seems to be worse on certain types of workunits but I've never had it work all the way through on any of them. It will run for a while and look great. (One of the coolest looking screensavers on BOINC). Then at a different point in each work unit it will just die.

If you are using the "Show Graphics" button when it croaks, the window will give a "not responding" message if you try to close it.

If you are using the screen saver with multiple projects after it dies, it will show a blank screen or quickly switch to another project's screensaver.

It generally won't kill your work in progress but you won't get any more Rosetta graphics from this WU.

I too would like to see this fixed but gave up months ago as complaints about it not working are met by the usual powercrunchers commenting about "just don't run it...screensavers are bad". It never gets fixed by the Rosetta folks.

If you want a project that has a great screensaver, does work with protein docking, always has workunits available, pays credit pretty well and seldom has outages... I highly recommend Docking@Home. The screensaver function here is too buggy to run frequently.
8) Questions and Answers : Windows : Why cant i see the screensaver? (Message 60548)
Posted 8 Apr 2009 by DGG
OK, thanks for the info. I just thought as a last ditch effort maybe changing the settings would possibly have some effect.

I can understand why the power crunchers don't want screensavers. I know the screensavers slow the processing down. I'm not really concerned much with the difference in the amount of work completed. I'm not into BOINC for the amount of work completed or the credits I receive. My slower P4 3.0GHz doesn't show much difference either way, with or without the screensaver. With my PC, I can't compete with the crunchers and don't want to. In the grand scheme of things, my sometimes crunching PC only contributes a minor number of points compared to the massive crunchers out there. Just thought I would donate it's spare screensaver time to a worthy project instead of running an aquarium screensaver or something that does absolutely nothing for society.

But it should still be an option to have a working screensaver in Rosetta or they will lose many potential computer crunchers like myself to those projects that do have appealing screensavers. I as well as thousands of others doing work for projects choose their projects both by the appeal of the project's look AND the potential value to society.

I'll just detach Rosetta and come back in a few months to see if this issue got fixed.
9) Questions and Answers : Windows : Why cant i see the screensaver? (Message 60537)
Posted 7 Apr 2009 by DGG
Forgot to add my BOINC manager is 6.4.7
10) Questions and Answers : Windows : Why cant i see the screensaver? (Message 60536)
Posted 7 Apr 2009 by DGG
I've got just the opposite of what I see has been described here for the screensaver not working.

On my system, (Windows XP Pro, 32 bit, P4 3.0GHz), the Beta 5.XX work units show the screen saver just fine all the way through.

For me, all the Mini 1.54 versions don't work with the screensaver. Just shows a blank screen. That applies to the graphics window too. When I try to close that window Windows says it is not responding and uses task manager to end the graphics window.

The mini 1.54s seems to be most of the work units supplied to me these days with my preferences set to not request any paticular duration of unit. Does requesting a certain amount of hours in the preference effect which kind of work unit I'll get? I need to just get the 5.XX work units until the mini 1.54s are fixed.


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