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Posted 10 May 2010 by S
Posted 10 May 2010 6:19:14 UTC
CASP9 is now in full swing and we need your help! We are being overwhelmed with targets and need as much CPU power as possible!

Hi David, help is on its way! SETI.Germany's BOINC Pentathlon challenge is crunching Rosetta@home as its 5th and last chosen project 05/14 - 05/19 as it so happens with 31 registered teams, see here: -
I think I speak for everybody involved to say that we will be only too happy to assist.
Kind regards,
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Posted 12 Jan 2009 by S
Joined BOINC - seti.germany a few days ago and set up a user account here at R@H but when I search the site, I can only access the information on somebody else with the same name as mine. Yet I am not listed (there should be a choice of 2 accounts, mine and the other person with same name). I can't see my details on the team and I am also prevented from opening a user profile despite now having enough credits. I have changed my name to check (login remains the same) on my userpage but I still can't find my details in a search, so, for the moment have reverted to my original name which already exists, and within the same team. My credit total is increasing nicely, no problem there, but I would like to see 'me' somewhere on this site in relation to my team. I need help! :(

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